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2020 Virtual Degree Conferral Celebration

Message from Department Chair Petar Djuric

Congratulations From the ECE Department Faculty and Staff

Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation Awards

Graduate winner: Marzieh Ajirak
Marzieh Ajirak Marzieh Ajirak

Marzieh Ajirak is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Stony Brook University. She works as a researcher in the COSINE Lab under the supervision of Prof. Petar Djurić. Her work focuses on Bayesian machine learning, signal and information processing, and statistical data analysis. She has been investigating non-parametric Bayesian methods to capture complicated patterns from various signals and data including fetal heart rates and uterine activity signals, surveys of patients with mental disorders, and brain signals.

Undergraduate winner: John Boccio
John Boccio John Boccio

John Boccio graduated with the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from Stony Brook University with a GPA of 4.0. He has held various leadership positions for the Stony Brook Robotics Team, won the Hack@CEWIT robotics competition in 2019, and has a patent pending for an LED color matching algorithm. Over the course of his undergraduate studies, John has conducted research in the field of high-performance computing for deep-learning at Stony Brook University’s COMPAS Lab. Additionally, he has completed four different internships at CA Technologies, Intelligent Product Solutions, Zebra Technologies, and Apple. Starting in June, John will be returning to Apple as a Software Engineer on the Human Interfacing Devices team.

Commencement 2020

Graduates — Doctor of Philosophy

Abdulaziz Alqarni
Abdulaziz Alqarni Abdulaziz Alqarni 

Thesis Title: Optimal Signature Searching
Adviser: Thomas Robertazzi

Signature searching is the process of finding a signature “pattern” of interest in a data file. The objective of this research is to provide approaches for optimal signature searching. The plan is to study the signature searching optimization problem from multiple aspects such as mathematical programming, heuristic algorithms, divisible load scheduling, processing methods, and topology.

Han Chen
Han Chen Han Chen 

Thesis Title: Sorting Large Data Sets with FPGA-Accelerated Samplesort
Adviser: Peter Milder

This work focuses on hardware acceleration of processing big data in data centers. A novel hardware system is proposed to accelerate the sorting process which is a fundamental and important process in many cloud services. It can bring a big improvement to data centers.

Hua Huang
Hua Huang Hua Huang 

Thesis Title: Magnetic Sensing for Recognizing Human Activities: From Toothbrushing to Driving
Adviser: Shan Lin

The human activity recognition technology aims at identifying the action of the subjects automatically. In this dissertation, we propose to develop new magnetic sensing techniques to achieve more accurate, robust, and scalable monitoring than existing systems. We demonstrate that by using magnetic sensing techniques, we can enable monitoring systems for new human activity recognition applications, including manual toothbrushing, electric toothbrushing, and driving.

Qian Zhou
Qian Zhou Qian Zhou 

Thesis Title: Managing Enterprise-Scale Internet of Things: from Service Discovery, Access Control, to Command Execution.
Adviser: Fan Ye

My work focuses on addressing key problems in Internet of Things on an enterprise scale. Specifically, I propose solutions suitable for enterprise IoT which discover IoT services in proximity, ensure only authorized users can access services, and make access operations easy and convenient to human users.

Commencement 2020

Graduates — Master of Science

  • Matthew Acosta
  • Zhihang Han
  • Md Imran Hossain
  • Hongyang Hui
  • Seok Won Jeong
  • Hanchen Li
  • Yixin Li. Thesis Title: Generative Models for Solar Energy Data Analytics. Adviser: Yue Zhao
  • Meena Murumkar
  • Kenneth Ng
  • Zi Xuan Peng
  • Brian Quang
  • Hammad Raja
  • Richard Santella
  • Kejian Shi
  • Xiaofei Song
  • Phillip Virgile
  • Kmely Wang
  • Ye Wang
  • Bartholomew Wolinski
  • Weiwei Xu
  • Hualin Zheng

Graduates — Bachelor of Engineering with Honors

Computer Engineering
  • Alexander Aziz Ahandour. Thesis title: "Quantization and Error Insertion in Neural Networks"
  • John Thomas Boccio. Thesis title: "Accelerating Convolutional Neural Networks Through Layer-Fusion"
Electrical Engineering
  • Daniel Thomas DeGennaro. Thesis title: "Computational Model for Optical Measurement of Graphene Films"
  • Charles Lawrence Patterson. Thesis title: "Adventures in Nanomaterials"

Graduates — Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

  • Jahremm Israel Ardila
  • Ayman Azad
  • Ziqi Bao
  • Michael David Barrett
  • Mariano Bello
  • Erik Bracamonte
  • Anthony Peter Brangaitis
  • Lu Cao
  • Jecenia M Carcamo
  • Yi-Cheng Cheng
  • Andrew Cho
  • Kyle Coleman
  • Roni Das
  • Ian Franco Deynata Del Rosario
  • Justin Chenglok Fan
  • Muhammad Hamza Fareed
  • Kimberly Gilot
  • Zyad Gomaa
  • Bryan Jerome Hallock
  • Eric Hsu
  • Benjamin Huang
  • Asif Iqbal
  • Munthasir Islam
  • Alwin P Joseph
  • Aaron Bennet Knoll
  • Angel Lee
  • Raymond Li
  • Kyle Thomas McGrady
  • Sabreen Mostafa
  • Edgar Nunez
  • Adrian Ortega
  • Jonathan Richard Palmieri
  • Shaan Bipin Panjwani
  • Vinay Pillay
  • Steven Ruan
  • Clement Shiyam
  • Shih Bin Tsao
  • Zachary James Valenti
  • Alexander Volkov
  • Zhen Sin Wong
  • Jack Ye
  • Jiahao Yi
  • Kehong You
  • Fengwei Zhang
  • Michael Zhu

Graduates — Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

  • Abrar Bin Abdurrob
  • Kyra Julissa Andrade
  • Stanislaw Aakil Balaji
  • Angelique Bernice Bryson
  • Tyler Lee Caffery
  • Gongwei Chen
  • Renyi Chen
  • Wenjie Chen
  • Koray Alp Cicek
  • Eddie Dang
  • Binoy Daniel
  • Vincent Han
  • Yong Han
  • Muhammad Mazhar Hussain
  • Musaab Islam
  • Jennifer Yizhen Jia
  • George Karounos
  • Ryan Lee
  • Wenxin Lin
  • Feiyue Liu
  • Elizabeth Lucarini
  • Muhammed Mehdi
  • Steven Paul Nolan
  • Kevin T Quon
  • Christopher Lowell Romeo
  • Khondaker Farhan Sadiq
  • Jaesung Song
  • Justin Silva Soriano
  • Gina Catherine Spampinato
  • Brandon Tai
  • Brendan Vuraldor
  • Amy Wu
  • Yuxuan Wu
  • Yanlin Xiang
  • Boting Zhou

Graduates — Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

  • Rocco Aliberti
  • Kayla Marie Hernandez
  • Mathew Locoteta
  • Kartik Sahni

Graduates — Minor in Electrical Engineering

  • Brandon Thomas Catalano
  • Arianna Coger
  • Lawrence Padrac Dwyer
  • Zhiming Fan
  • Ian Robert Fosty
  • Batuhan Karagoz
  • Sung Won Kim
  • Yehonathan Litman
  • Daniel S Mu
  • Bojidar Ivanov Todorov

Commencement 2020

Senior Design Projects

Please click on the project name to see each team's project poster.

Team: 404!

Project Title: Smart chemical sensor/alarm system
Team members: Roni Das, Asif Iqbal

Team: AIT

Project Title: 3D model of an indoor scene with object recognition
Team members: Jahremn Ardila


Project Title: Approximate Neural Networks in FPGAs
Team members: Alexander Ahandour, Mariano Bello, Sabreen Mostafa, William Wong

Team: The A-Team

Project Title: Ultrasonic scanning system for imaging
Team members: Farhan Ahmed, Boting Zhou

Team: BAX Inc

Project Title:  Policy management for internet of things
Team members: Anthony Brangaitis, Bryan Hallock

Team: C.L Digital Electronic

Project Title: Headset with built in hearing analysis and self-equalization capability
Team members: Lu Cao, Wenxin Lin

Team: Classie-fication

Project Title:  Text mining of survey data using python
Team members: Steven Ruan, Brandon Tai, Kehong You

Team: Coleman .Inc

Project Title: Personal Asset Tracking
Team members: Kyle Coleman, Edgar Nunez, Yanlin Xiang, Austin Zhou

Team: Convection Industries

Project Title: Computer simulation of thermal comfort for far infrared heating
Team members: Andrew Cho, Bassel El Amine, Jonathan Palmieri, Clement Shiyam

Team: Cybernetic solutions

Project Title: Design an implementation of a bionic prosthetic limb
Team members: Jaesung Song, Alexander Volkov

Team: Far-Infrared Heating Systems

Project Title: Measurements of thermal comfort for far-infrared heating
Team members: Ehab Elrawi, Junqi Qu, Lin Yao

Team: Gank-free

Project Title: Grab and Go Shop
Team members: Erik Bracamonte, Cristian Escobar, Vincent Han, Munthasir Islam

Team: GZK

Project Title: Autonomous antenna pattern measurements
Team members: Kyra Andrade, Gongwei Chen, Zachry Valenti

Team: The Habibis Inc.

Project Title: Automating processing of videos from online proctoring
Team members: Abrar Abdurrob, Sajidul Chowdhury, Khondaker Sadiq

Team: I3

Project Title: Object Detection and 3D Modeling
Team members: Ananth Rajan

Team: Illuminati

Project Title: Monitoring occupancy in smart homes
Team members: Weiwen Lin, Jiahao Yi, Regan Zhou

Team: Insynq

Project Title: Multiple drone/robot navigation and synchronization system platform
Team members: Kimberly Gilot, Raymond Li, Adrian Ortega, Shaan Panjwani

Team: ISEE

Project Title: Dual-axis solar panel tracker
Team members: WenJie Chen, Yuxuam Wu

Team: Oizys

Project Title: Facial expression recognition system
Team members: John Boccio, Yi-Cheng Cheng, Muhammad Hussain

Team: Racket

Project Title: Design and implementation of a high luminosity lantern using photovoltaic generation of electrical power
Team members: Renyi Chen, Jennifer Jia, Justin Soriano

Team: RTS

Project Title: Personal Asset Tracking
Team members: Ayman Azad, Muhammad Fareed, Alwin Joseph


Project Title: Predicting stock price movements using deep learning
Team members: Michael Barrett, Jack Ye

Team: Secure the Crib

Project Title: Home security recognition and alert system
Team members: Tyler Caffery, Zyad Gomaa, Ammad Mehdi, Brendan Vuraldor


Project Title: Design and implementation of a high luminosity lantern using photovoltaic generation of electrical power
Team members: Vikas Advani Navani, Koray Cicek, Yong Han

Team: Solaris Inc.

Project Title: Dual-axis solar panel tracker
Team members: George Karounos, Elizabeth Lucarini, Steven Nolan, Gina Spampinato

Team: A Sound Strategy

Project Title: Woodwind auto-tuner
Team members: Stanislaw Balaji, Benjamin Huang

Team: S.T.E.P.A.

Project Title: Desalination using a remote-controlled closed-loop solar still
Team members: Daniel DeGennaro, Kyle McGrady, Charles Patterson, Christopher Romeo

Team: TSXU

Project Title: Telecommunication networks design algorithms
Team members: Shih Bin Tsao, Willie Xu

Team: VARK

Project Title: High luminosity lantern using photovoltaic generation of electricity
Team members: Ryan Lee, Kevin Quon, Vasudeva Ramkissoon, Amy Wu

Team: Vision & Devour

Project Title: Gaze behavior inferencing data processing
Team members: Angelique Bryson, Jecenia Carcamo, Ian Franco Del Rosario, Angel Lee, Vinay Pillay

Team: Visionary Systems

Project Title: Indoor 3D computer vision system using depth cameras
Team members: Jing Huang, Aaron Knoll

Team: VZLF

Project Title: Optical beam position monitor with digital output
Team members: Justin Fan, Feiyue Liu, Daniel Vuoso, Fengwei Zhang

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