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Center's Lined Nitrogen Reducing Biofilter Receives Provisional Use Approval

The Suffolk County Department of Health Services has completed a review of the sample results for the Center for Clean Water Technology's Lined Nitrogen Reducing Biofilter (NRB) systems currently installed and in use in Suffolk County. Effluent data collected from 75 percent of the eight total installed Lined NRB systems in Suffolk County has resulted in a combined 12-month average total nitrogen (TN) concentration which is less than the limit established under Article 19 of the Suffolk County Sanitary Code of 19 mg/L TN. As such, the Department has determined that the Center's Lined NRB has met the requirements and is subsequently approved for Provisional Use Approval in Suffolk County, pursuant to Department Standards. This approval allows for the installation of an unlimited number of Lined NRB systems at residences and/or commercial sites within Suffolk County.