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chem4kidsOur outreach activities are designed to promote awareness of and incite excitement in chemistry. These include interactive talks and hands on labs at local high schools, middle schools and general interest seminars for potential/new SBU students. In addition, individual faculty mentor high-school students within their research laboratories. Our department’s track record for Intel and Siemens finalists is outstanding (see below).

By introducing both young and older students to the excitement and prospects of chemistry, it is our hope that we increase interest in science in general and increase the number of students who consider it a viable option for their future.


Setauket Elementary Science Fair

Years:  2015-2020, 2022

Past presenters and participants:  
Dr. Surita Bhaita, Dr. Issac Carrico, Dr. Alicia Mullaley, Dr. Eszter Boros, Dr. Scott Laughlin,  Dr. Ming-Yu Ngai,
 Diana Lutz (Takeuchi group) and Monty Cosby (Khalifah group)
Setauket1 Setauket2 Setauket3