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Taking the FE Exam

A. Students that are within 20 credits of completing, or have already graduated from an ABET accredited bachelor’s program may register with NCEES to sit for the FE exam

  • Programs at Stony Brook University which are eligible for this option include: BME, CIV, CME, ECE, EEO, ESE, ESG & MEC

B. Students pursuing any other program, including those completing a master’s degree at Stony Brook University, must first apply to New York State. Only if approved will they be notified of their eligibility to take the FE.

  • Application process for these students is as follows: 
  1. Complete Form 1 and submit to New York State with required fee
  2. Complete of Form 2 – (only page 1) and email to
  3. The CEAS and Registrar Offices will complete Form 2 and email it back to you
  4. As noted on the Registrar's website, complete an Official Transcript Request, and upload your completed Form 2 as an attachment, to be sent to New York State along with your transcript.