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Advice For Suspended & Dismissed Students

What Should I Do If I Have Been Suspended from Stony Brook and am Ineligible to Petition for Immediate Reinstatement?

Students who are ineligible to petition for immediate reinstatement, are required to take time off from Stony Brook and cannot request future reinstatement until the next Fall semester.  There are a number of positive things you can do to make good use of your time away from Stony Brook, improve your chances for academic success moving forward, and help support a future petition for reinstatement: 

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1) When appropriate, consider enrolling in courses at another college, as a full-time student (at least 12 credits) if possible, and achieve the highest grades you can, ideally at least a B average overall (3.0). If you hope to eventually return to Stony Brook, the transcript from the other school you attend in the meantime can be used as documentation for your petition for reinstatement.  Of course the stronger your grades at the other school, the better support your new transcript will be for future reinstatement.  
Before enrolling in courses at another school, make sure you check the Transfer Course Equivalencies database on the Academic and Transfer Advising Services website here.  This database will let you know the Stony Brook DEC, SBC or direct equivalency of the courses you're planning to take at another school.  The list currently includes thousands of courses offered by hundreds of other colleges throughout the U.S.  If you are interested in taking courses not listed in this database or have questions about what kinds of courses might be appropriate for you, please plan to walk in and see an advisor Academic and Transfer Advising Services Office, E-2360 Melville Library on one of the available dates/times listed on our Google Calendar. If you need to know if such course(s) may satisfy major or minor program credits, you will need to see an advisor from the corresponding academic department as well. Not only can you use transcripts from other schools as documentation for reinstatement, but you can also continue to make progress toward your degree even while out on suspension.  See the list below entitled "College Options for Suspended and Dismissed Students" for more information.

2) If you have any Incomplete grades from this past semester at Stony Brook, you should take time to complete the work in the course(s).  Incomplete grades that go unattended will change to I/F grades on your transcript and eventually lower your GPA.

3) Working while out on suspension may be a good option for some students. If your general education requirements are completed and the majority of the coursework you have left to finish is upper division and/or credit for your major, you may find it difficult to gain admission to another 4-year college where you could take upper division or major courses.  Your major department may also require that you take a certain number of credits for the major at Stony Brook, therefore limiting the number of major credits you can transfer in from other institutions.  In addition, it may not be financially feasible for you to attend another school temporarily as a non-matriculated student, as you may not receive any financial aid.  In all of these circumstances, the best option may be to work to save money for future studies.  Working now might allow you to reduce your work schedule upon reinstatement, especially if you have to work while in school and you know that balancing school and work has been a challenge for you.

4) If your academic performance has suffered due to personal or family illness or personal or family issues needing your attention, then you should use this time while out on suspension to heal, recuperate, and/or attend to family concerns.  It makes absolutely no sense to petition for future reinstatement if the issues causing your suspension in the first place are not addressed and resolved. 

5) Before considering a future petition for reinstatement, take stock of your academic strengths and weaknesses and your future goals. Is your current major right for you? Do you have a major yet?  If you can honestly assess your academic strengths and weaknesses and choose a path of study that allows you to excel rather than struggle academically upon your reinstatement, you will find yourself a much happier and more successful student.

What Can I Do if I Have Been Dismissed?

If you have been Dismissed from Stony Brook, you will have to look for other options to complete your undergraduate degree. Depending on your circumstances, some students may decide to transfer to a community college, finish an Associate's degree, and then try and transfer to another four-year college or university.  Others take time off to work and reassess their educational goals.  The "College Options for Suspended and Dismissed Students" below may offer some alternatives to degree completion.

Any Suspended or Dismissed student is welcome to discuss their situation and review options with an academic advisor.

General information for students applying to other colleges

Please contact the Registrar's Office at the college of your choice to obtain the appropriate application for a Non-Matriculated /Visiting Student.

In addition to the appropriate application and the application fee, be prepared to provide the college(s) with official college and high school transcripts in sealed envelopes, SAT scores, AP scores and immunization records.

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In some cases, students may be required to provide a detailed letter stating an explanation for the low GPA that resulted in the academic suspension or dismissal. Some colleges may also require an interview and/or essay, while other schools require potential students take a semester off before being eligible to apply for admission. Be sure to make inquiries with each school regarding additional/special application requirements.

Apply as early as possible or by the deadline specified by your school(s) of choice. Although some colleges may accept applications up to the start of classes, you should apply early for the best selection of courses.

If you plan to take courses at another school that you want to count toward Stony Brook's general education requirements (DEC or SBC), please contact Academic and Transfer Advising Services at (631) 632-7082, for approval.

If you intend to take courses for your major at another school, you must check with your major department at Stony Brook to determine if the course(s) you plan to take will count toward your major should you later return to Stony Brook.  Be prepared to share a written course description and or course syllabus with your major department.

Other Local Colleges

The list below is provided for your convenience and is not necessarily an exhaustive one.  Students may inquire with other schools of interest on a case by case basis.  None of the colleges listed is obligated to accept suspended or dismissed students from Stony Brook.  For detailed admissions information, contact the school(s) of your choice.