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Endowed Faculty

Our brilliant faculty are the lifeblood of our University. As teachers, researchers and mentors, they bring their unique perspective and collaborative spirit to the classroom, the lab and the campus community. The quality of our faculty also bolsters the institution’s reputation, attracting the very best students and research dollars to campus.
The most important tool we have for recruiting and retaining top talent is to offer endowed professorships and chairs, considered one of the highest career distinctions bestowed upon university faculty. Aside from the recognition and reward for the advances they’ve made in their respective fields, an endowed position provides these leading minds with the salary, benefits and vital research expenses to support their life’s work.

Endowed faculty positions — and the impact of their research — would not be possible without generous philanthropic support.


Thanks to this vital funding from Stony Brook friends and alumni, endowed faculty have the financial security to take risks, to pursue innovative ideas and to make groundbreaking discoveries.

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Investiture Ceremony

2023 Investiture Ceremony Recording