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Please join us:Idea of Mediterranean

November 12 - 14th, 2015. An International Conference: The Idea of the Mediterranean

Thursday November 12th: 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Friday November 13th and Saturday November 14th: 8:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Location: Stony Brook University's Wang Center, Lecture Hall 2

The Mediterranean has been the cradle of civilizations with a unique history of having given birth to all the Western cultures, to three world-wide religions, and to opening pathways to the Orient. An organic and autonomous Mediterranean identity may not exist as such today; but in the collective imagination of the people of the world and especially in the last two centuries with migrations from the Mediterranean area settling throughout the entire world, there exists a "popolo mediterraneo." Globalization has made evident the importance of preserving culture and the development of a consciousness that especially constitutes a matchless resource for the nations of the Mediterranean, and which the new Europe cannot do without. These are the reasons that justify an attempt to recognize the value of the Mediterranean basin as a region having an original culture capable of connecting many other fragmented cultures.

The Conference Program will include presentations by International Scholars, Government Officials, and UN Ambassadors connected to states of the Mediterranean. A detailed program is currently being formulated and will be posted here. You may also contact the Center at (631) 632-7444 for updates and developments.

The Idea of the Mediterranean: CONFERENCE PROGRAM




November 12, 2015, Thursday

5:00 pm

Welcoming Remarks:
Mario B. Mignone, Director, Center for Italian Studies
Sacha Kopp, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Stony Brook University

Keynote Speaker:  Amara Lakhous, Algerian-Italian Author
Burn this Mediterranean?
Harraga:  A non-conformist narrative




November 13, 2015, Friday

8:00 - 8:45 am  ~~ Registration with Continental Breakfast  ~~


9:00 – 11:00 am   Session 1:  Conceptualizing the Mediterranean

               Chair:  Salvatore Rotella, Chancellor Emeritus


Bernardo Piciché (Virginia Commonwealth University): A Mediterranean Identity?

Avinoam Shalem (Columbia University):Intersecting Historiographies: Henri Pirenne, Ernst Herzfeld, and the Myth of Origin

Alessandro Carrera (University of Houston): Nihilism and the Mediterranean

Maria Hadjipolycarpou (Columbia University): Lives in Disguise. Autobiography in the Modern Mediterranean


                                                                                          11:00-11:15 am  Coffee Break

11:15 am -- 12:45 pm  Session 2:  Religion across the Mediterranean

               Chair: Karen Barkey, Columbia University

Manoël Pénicaud (Aix-Marseille University): Muslim Pilgrims at the House of Mary in Ephesus. Considerations on ‘Open Sanctuaries’ in the Mediterranean

Dionigi Albera (Aix-Marseille University): Religious Crossing in the Mediterranean: A Broad-Spectrum Overview

Costanza Ferrini (Independent Researcher, Italy):"The Mediterranean sea does not bathe Europe" Notes for a Comparative Reading of Mediterranean-European Literature



12:45 – 2:00 ~~  LUNCH   ~~

On Your Own: 
The Presenters will be lunching at the Campus/Simons Center Cafe`.
You are welcome to join them with payment to the Cafe's Cashier for individual menu selections.


2:00pm  --  3:45pm   Session 3:  Cultural Perspectives on the Mediterranean

               Chair:  Frank Dalmas, Stony Brook University

AlanVerskin (University of Rhode Island): The Idea of Universal Philosophical Education in the Medieval Mediterranean

Karla Mallette (University of Michigan): St. Elmo's Fire: Fortune and Fortune Telling in Mediterranean Literature

Franco Fabbri (University of Turin): Popular Music and the Mediterranean: Reflecting About Concepts


3:45—4:00  ~~  COFFEE BREAK ~~

4:00pm – 6:00 pmSession 4: Italy at the Center of the Mediterranean

               Chair: Luigi Fontanella, Stony Brook University

Claudio Fogu (University of California, Santa Barbara): The View from the Mediterranean: The Italian South as Center

Norma Bouchard (San Diego State, CA): The Idea of the Mediterranean in Contemporary Italian Thought

Giovanna Summerfield (Auburn University): Sicily, A Case Study at the Crossroads





November 14, 2015, Saturday

8:00  --  8:45 am:~~ Registration Breakfast & Refreshments  ~~

8:50 am:Greetings:
Dennis Assanis, Provost and Senior Academic Vice President, Stony Brook University


9:00 --  10:45 amSession 5:  Geopolitical Perspectives on the Mediterranean

               Chair: Stefano Vaccara, Editor of La Voce di New York

Manlio Graziano : “Mare Nostrum” in a Multipolar World: Geopolitical Analysis of a Superfluity of Claims

Molly Green (Princeton University): Mediterranean Disorder: The Early Modern Perspective

Luigi Troiani (St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome; Euro/Mediterranean Trade Services Initiative): Managing the Mediterranean Disorder: An Inclusive Model for the External Powers and EU



10:45  --  11:00 am  ~~  COFFEE BREAK ~~


11:00 am -- 1:00 pmSession 6:  Migration and Terrorism Across the Mediterranean

               Chair:  Nikos Panou, Stony Brook University


Claudio Rossi (Universita` di Roma "La Sapienza"): Migrants and Terrorists: The Battle of the Mediterranean

Arije Antinori (Universita` di Roma "La Sapienza"): Dangerous Games: The Dark Side of the Mediterranean Region

Marcello Saija (University of Palermo): Lampedusa: Lampedusa: The Ellis Island of the Mediterranean?

Sebastian Rotella (Author/Journalist: Propublica): Borderless Jihad: The Charlie Hebdo Case and the Evolving Terrorist Threat in the Mediterranean  



1:00—2:15 ~~  LUNCH BREAK  ~~ On Your Own

The Presenters will be lunching at the Campus/ Hilton Garden Inn.
You are welcome to join them with advanced reservations (call 631-632-7444)
and payment of $35 per person.



2:30 –3:30pm

Closing Summary

Chair: Wolf Schaefer, Interim Dean of International Academic Programs, Stony Brook University

Edmund Burke (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Concluding talk followed by Q & A


4:00 pm

End of Conference Reception: All are invited

Center for Italian Studies
Frank Melville Library, Room E-4340
"A Mediterranean Toast"
by Sandro Bottega with a variety of Wines coming from

Venetian Vineyards



Planning Committee

Mario B. Mignone, Stony Brook University, Chair

Karen Barkey, Columbia University

Claudio Rossi, University of Rome La Sapienza

Salvatore Rotella, Chancellor Emeritus

Luigi Troiani, Pontifical University St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome

Amara Lakhous, Algerian-Italian Writer

Nikolaos Panou, Stony Brook University 

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