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Available Facilities

At Stony Brook Southampton, while the students and their respective programs remain the  priority, on-campus spaces are occasionally open for the public to utilize.

Assembled below are some highlights of the campus that could be available to the general public for rental.  Whether it's an intimate gathering or a large scale reception/seminar/conference, we offer a variety of rental packages that can be tailored to suit your every need.

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    Chancellors Hall

    kanas lobby

    The Chancellors Hall lobby is also known as Kanas lobby, named after local philanthropist John Kanas. The lobby is 1,365 square feet, and provides an elegant open space with seating and an open view to the fields on campus.

    The hall itself is furnished with teak chairs and tables in addition to LCD lighting. Special catering setups are available for 64 seated.  This facility is a popular venue on campus and comfortably accommodates 110 (standing) attendees. The space offers an appealing pre-and post-reception location following a lecture or presentation in the adjacent Duke Lecture Hall.


    Duke Lecture Hall

    duke lecture hallDuke Lecture Hall is located within Chancellors Hall. This lecture hall is versatile, and can be used for classroom lectures, town hall meetings, movie screenings, debates, seminars, or informal group discussions. The lecture hall has a projector screen and a permanently installed sound system. In addition to the projector, the hall contains a podium stand with a built-in computer system (Mac or PC), Blu-Ray player, microphone, and available VGA for external computer. The lecture hall is able to comfortably accommodate 135 attendees with a square footage of 2,121.


    Fine Arts Building

    fine arts lobbyThe Fine Arts lobby is located just outside of the Avram Theater.

    The lobby provides a clean open space with ample seating available both inside and out for catered events, and is wired with speakers throughout for music and presentations.

    The lobby is available for rental and comfortably accommodates 120 guests (standing) with a square footage of 1,056.


    Avram Theater

    avram theatreThe Avram Theater is located within the Fine Arts Building on the southern part of the Stony Brook Southampton Campus. The theater is known for its excellent acoustics.

    The Avram Theater was renovated in 2007 through a gift by Dr. Morrell Avram and his wife Maria, both longtime patrons of arts. The theater comfortably accommodates 410 attendees with a combined square footage of 14,500.

    It has a basic light plot, sound equipment, projector and screen.  The theater hosts dance and musical recitals, dramatic performances, seminars, the Young Artists and Writers Program (YAWP) and most notably, Pianofest.

    Avram Theater is an excellent venue for large events with a theatrical flair.  Recommended for groups of 200 and over.



    Classroom size varies in all the buildings. The capacity is approximately 25 students in Chancellors Hall classrooms. In the Fine Arts Building, classrooms generally hold between 35-50 students.



    gymnasiumThe gymnasium is a large, open, flexible space equipped with working lights, ventilation (no A/C), bathrooms, and several 20 amp circuits. The gym is able to host basketball, soccer, volleyball and numerous other sports as well as concerts and large shows. At 13,000 square feet the gym can accommodate over 1,700 attendees for events. The gym bleachers are currently unavailable.

    There are two smaller gym spaces at under 250 square feet each just off the main entrances to the gym. This facility provides a great experience to interact and partake in events from sports games to recreational activities.


    Student Center


    The cafeteria is located within the student center. This space provides open seating for numerous activities.

    At 4,028 square feet, the cafeteria is versatile and can host multiple events for up to 500 people.

    From informal group discussions, group activities, lectures, lunches, dinners, and seminars. The cafeteria also contains chairs and tables for events.

    Special Events Room

    special events roomLocated behind the cafeteria is a special events conference room that allows for executive and professional meetings at 925 square feet, with a capacity for 58 people.

    The Treehouse Lounge

    The Treehouse Lounge is a comfortable area for students or faculty to relax in between classes and enjoy a game of billiards, ping pong or foosball.



    The Windmill


    The windmill, constructed in the early 1700s and moved from Southampton Village to its present location on campus in 1890, was part of the former Claflin estate.

    Restored by Stony Brook University in 2006, the building features ornate woodwork and two operational hearths.

    It hosts a functional bathroom and is available for meetings and special events.

    windmill table settingThis unique windmill with its rich history has the distinction of being a highly sought-after facility.

    It is 1,348 square feet and can accommodate up to 20 people for private dinners, and 35 standing (two floors) for elegant cocktail receptions.




    The Chancellors Hall parking lot can accommodate 400 cars and is used by many community groups when there is an overflow crowd for off campus events. The Fine Arts parking lot contains spaces for 44 cars.