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DTS is a transdisciplinary department. Our research and teaching is focused on 4 Smarts: Smart Communities, Smart Development, Smart Education, and Smart Ethics. The faculty and students of the Department of Technology and Society (DTS) are comfortable with technical formulas and social science methodologies, yet are trained to reach FAR BEYOND engineering.  We combine engineering with the humanities and liberal arts. We face the societal and environmental challenges of advanced and emerging countries. Our graduates become smart managers of technological systems. They have learned to apply the knowledge of an engineering discipline, computer science for example, not only in businesses and industries, but also to the betterment of human societies and the maintenance of a healthy planet.


Ethical AI?
Professor Wolf Schäfer argues for a computational ethics in his Global Forum presentation about the design of moral machines...  Read More

Global Engineering
Professor Gang He  discusses the intersection of global engineering, human happiness, and Earth as humanity's home and still the only known livable planet...    Read More


New Collaborative Papers Published

Dr. Gang He, and DTS visiting scholar, Dr. Hongtao Bai, have published: Mapping inter-industrial CO2 flows within China.

Existing research has been focusing on the inter-regional carbon flow, but industries are where carbon is mitigated. This paper fills the gap by looking into the inter-industrial carbon flow and shows that the construction sector has the largest carbon mitigation potential.

DTS post-doc Jean Jean Léon Boucher together with DTS faculty Drs. Kathleen Araújo and Elizabeth Hewitt published Do education and income drive energy audits? A socio-spatial analysis of New York State.  

Two great papers. Check them out.

Technology and Society Students Develop WolfieMetrics
Undergraduate students work with Stony Brook Athletics to develop WolfieMetrics, an exciting new application that will revolutionize student-athlete workouts. Read More

Professor Kathleen Araújo Accepts Tenured Position in the School of Public Service at Boise State University
Kathleen Araújo has accepted a tenured position in the School of Public Service at Boise State University. There she will also head the Energy Policy Institute (an interface for the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, a consortium of public universities, Idaho National Lab, and industry partners). Kathy has left us  June 30, 2018 . All of DTS wishes Kathy great success in her three new "states"  – Idaho, Associate Professor with tenure, and Institute Director.


Forthcoming December 5, 2018:
GLOBAL FORUM "Engineering Planetary Health"

GLOBAL FORUM "Ethical AI? The Design of Moral Machines"  (7 November 2018)

Our technocivilization needs a computational ethics, and it needs it fast... See Poster

GLOBAL FORUM  "Global Engineering – How to Deliver Far Beyond Engineering"   (7 March 2018)

DTS on the road towards a cooperative culture of engineering... See Poster


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