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The Increasing Value of Science, Technology, and Society Studies (STS), by Anthony Pennings, PhD, Department of Technology and Society, SUNY Korea, August 27, 2023

Automotive Ethics, an interview with Professor Wolf Schafer of the Department of Technology and Society

Part One of the interview

Part Two of the interview

Professor David Tonjes, Yiyi Wang, Sameena Manzur, Sagarika Srivastava and Firman Firmansyah attended the Global Waste Management Symposium in Palm Springs, CCA, from February 15-17, 2022. Yiyi Wang presented her paper “Trees and the Forest” on methods to compare waste characterization studies and Firman Firmansyah presented his paper “Determining variation in waste generation” which described trends in daily, seasonal, and annual waste generation.

Sameena Manzur, Yiyi Wang and David Tonjes attended the New York State Association for
Solid Waste Management (NYSASWM) fall meeting on landfill technologies at Clayton, NY
September 26-28, 2021. They had an exhibitor table for the Waste Data and Analysis Center in
support of the New York State solid waste characterization project.

Matthew Johnston, Mark Meigher, Sagarika Srivastava, and Yiyi Wang and Sameena Manzur do research from the Waste Data and Analysis Center and traveled to Walton, NY, September 19-22, 2021, to characterize solid waste and recyclables in the Delaware County system. 

Automotive Ethics VIP

SBU Magazine has featured the work of Professor Schafer's Automotive Ethics team in the Evolution of Education.

Automotive Ethics 2.0

See Professor Schäfer's presentation from December 11, 2019.

Toward Inclusive Innovation 
Good article about Professor Woodson'sresearch into NSF funded research. 

Planetary Health
Professor Thomas Woodson links planetary health to "inclusive innovation"... Read More

Professor Elizabeth Hewitt links resilience as well as resilience research and efforts to the health of both the planet and its people... Read More

Ethical AI?
Professor Wolf Schäfer argues for a computational ethics in his Global Forum presentation about the design of moral machines...  Read More

Global Engineering
Professor Gang He discusses the intersection of global engineering, human happiness, and Earth as humanity's home and still the only known livable planet...  Read More



Graduation 2023

The faculty and staff of the Department of Technology and Society wish to congratulate all our 2023 graduates.  BRAVO and well done.   

Newsworthy Publication:

CSTEP and STEP Programs Celebrate 35 + years of Promoting College Success (May 2023)

Quantifying the cost savings of global solar photovoltaic supply chains,  Dr. Gang He, published in Nature  (October 2022) 

Newsworthy Publication:

Dangerous Science, Science Policy and Risk Analysis for Scientists and Engineers, Daniel J. Rozell, Ph.D., Department of Technology and Society, Ubiquity Press, London, UK 2020

Newsworthy Publication:
Making an Impact with Technology and Society
 Dr. Thomas Woodson (Feb 2022)

PhD Student Update:
Congratulations to Guilherme Larangeira for being selected to participate as an in-person attendee for the Student Program at the 2022 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit on May 23-25, 2022 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. 

Newsworthy Publication:
Guilherme Larangeira on resolutions for Congestion Pricing, January 2022.

Dr. Thomas Woodson - Tenure Promotion

Dr. Thomas Woodson has been promoted to associate professor with tenure effective January 1st, 2021.

PhD Student Awards:
Congratulations Firman Firmansyah and Lori Clark for receiving the 2021 Presidential Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Firman's dissertation is titled "Why Do Birds of Different Feathers Not Flock Together: Heterophily in Social Networks. Lori Clark's dissertation is titled " Modified Landfill Gas Modeling for Methane Management with Policy Implications in Climate Change".

Newsworthy Publication:
Dr. Gang He
et al. on the promising decrease in renewable energy costs in Nature Communications, May 2020.

New DTS Faculty Award:
Dr. Thomas Woodson won the  Mid-Career Faculty Diversity Award (Spring 2020).

Todd Pittinsky and Daniel Rozell, an early graduate of our doctoral program, published two new books:

Fall 2019 DTS Faculty Grants

Click the bullet points above for details.

Lori Scarlatos' CyberMiSTS Project Showcase
Dr. Lori Scarlatos and Laurin Buchanan's CyberMiSTS Project wins the Facilitators Award in NSF STEM For All Video Showcase. You can find the video and discussions here.

Professor Hewitt et al. Publish New Report on Green Building Features
The publication explores the benefits of "green" building features in how they contribute to the resiliency of a building in disruptive conditions (i.e. a hurricane). The publication can be found here and is available for download until the end of May.

DTS Creates 2 Innovative VIP Teams: 
Automotive Ethics (Prof. Schäfer)

Long Island Waste Management (Prof. Tonjes)

Professor Woodson Testifies at Congressional Briefing 
On April 30, 2019, Professor Woodson testified at a Congressional briefing on the Burn Pits crisis facing our troops and veterans. Learn more about this issue here.


Spring 2022 Lectures 

Responsible Innovation and Ethically Aligned Design (February 2, Mr. John C. Havens) 

Spring 2021 Lectures 

Solving Wicked Problems: Engineering High Performance Solutions for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (March 24, Dr. Judith Clarke) 

T&S Students Present Projects Involving Data Analysis and Modeling to Support Decision Analysis (April 7, Nancy Dong, Griffin Walker, Matthew Johnston)

Combating Indubiety and the Crisis of Trust: Engineering Needs a New Approach to Uncertainty (April 14, Dr. Scott Ferson) 

Extremist Narratives on Social Media: Challenges and Possibilities (May 5, Dr. Todd Pittinsky

NSF Data Science Workshop
January 9-10, 2020: Data Science Across the Undergraduate Curriculum

Four Sessions

  • Undergraduate Data Science Education
  • Data Science for Clean Energy
  • Data Science for Urban Sustainability
  • Ethics in Data Science

Fall 2019 Lectures
Wed. 1PM - 2:20PM
Old Computer Science, Room 1310

Life Cycle Analysis(Sept. 18, Prof. Tonjes),

Click the titles above to see a video recording. 
See Lectures Poster