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STEM Smart

STEM Smart, housed in the Department of Technology and Society,  is an umbrella organization of  STEM Education Programs designed to enhance the participation of groups that are underrepresented in STEM education and careers.  Supporters of these programs include SBU, the NYSE, the National Science Foundation, businesses, private foundations, and individuals.  

In the Spotlight

SBU Student Gabriela Dominguez  

Take a look at SBU student Gabriela Dominguez's interview and learn about her path in STEM.

News & Announcements

2019 Novel Coronavirus Update - Remote Instruction

In an effort to increase precautionary health measures, reduce community spread of COVID-19, and ensure the successful conclusion of the spring 2020 semester for Stony Brook University students, beginning March 23, 2020 we will move to remote instruction. Classes will be held through the end of the semester to ensure academic continuity, and all classes and finals will meet remotely.

   CSTEP Application

Apply to be a part of CSTEP today! For more information about CSTEP take a look at the page

Here is the CSTEP Application!


Carrie-Ann Award

 Congratulations Carrie-Ann on your Person of the Year Award!