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Graduate Writing


  grad writing workshop

Stony Brook University’s Program in Writing and Rhetoric offers, in conjunction with English and Linguistics departments, an Advanced Graduate Writing Certificate that any SBU graduate students (and non-matriculated grad students) can complete with 15 credits of qualifying courses. 

The Graduate Program within the PWR also supports graduate students across campus using a variety of initiatives. Often organized in collaboration with other academic units or departments, some of these initiatives include: 

  • dissertation/thesis writing boot camps
  • graduate writing groups
  • graduate writing workshop and webinar series
  • graduate tutor training 
  • graduate writing course (WRT 621) along with a modularized online counterpart

In addition, PWR graduate faculty teach courses for specific departments, as well as providing consultation and would like to request any resources/support for graduate students or faculty working with graduate students, please contact the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Shyam Sharma ( ).