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Program in Academic English


Writing Academic English for Undergraduate Students:  

The PAE writing program is designed for matriculated undergraduate non-native speakers of English whose writing has been evaluated by TESOL professionals and who have been placed into one of three writing levels prior to admission to the mainstream writing program. These levels range from WAE 190 intermediate, WAE 192 high intermediate, to WAE 194 advanced academic writing.  Each course must be taken and passed before advancing to the next level, and upon passing WAE 194, students advance to the Program in Writing and Rhetoric where they will take courses that will satisfy their writing requirement at Stony Brook.

Oral/Aural Academic English for Graduate Students:

The PAE oral/aural program is designed to help international Ph.D. students (for whom English is not their first language), funded Masters' students and MBAs raise their English proficiency to a level that enables them to be able to teach, function in the business world and present in English. For those graduate students who do not show adequate proficiency in speaking as measured by the iBT TOEFL, IELTS, or TSE, three levels of OAE course work are offered at the graduate level: OAE 590 Intermediate Oral/Aural Skills, OAE 592 High Intermediate Oral/Aural Skills, and OAE 594 Advanced Oral/Aural Skills. Students are required to take the course that corresponds to their test scores and then advance through the course sequence.  (Undergraduates may elect a cross listed OAE 190 or OAE 194).


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