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Lecture Series

Lecture series attendees have access to all afternoon programming, salons, evening readings and social gatherings throughout the five days.

Different this year, afternoons at the Southampton Writers Conference are filled with a variety of craft-oriented panels and lectures from masters in the field.

In 2023, conference-goers will catch:

Talks and craft lectures by Lilly Dancyger, Annelise Finegan, Lucas Hnath, Ladee Hubbard, Maya Shanbhag Lang, Vijay Seshadri, and others.

Agent and industry events with Sarah Bedingfield, Sarah Bowlin, Carmen Giménez, Kendall Storey, Sabrina Taitz, and Victoria Skurnick.


Afternoon salon readings by Vanessa Cuti and Paul Harding, Soham Patel.

Night readings by Billy Collins, Lilly Dancyger,
Carmen Giménez, Ladee Hubbard, Matthew Klam,
Maya Shanbhag Lang, Susan Scarf Merrell, Frederic Tuten,
Meg Wolitzer, and more.

Price: $150 

Due to restrictions, lecture series is only for commuters in 2023.


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