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  Summer is when your BookEnds experience begins. You’ll meet daily, either with your entire BookEnds cohort and program directors Meg Wolitzer and Susan Scarf Merrell, or with your pod group. You’ll also be mentored by members of the previous year’s BookEnds cohort. This vital part of your BookEnds year, from  July 10-21, 2019 , provides the fundamentals that make the BookEnds program so unique. 

BookEnders who are finishing up their program year return to campus from   July 10-13 , meeting with their pod groupings and mentors for a final time, meeting one-on-one with the agents who have screened their finished works, and giving a reading. 

During their time on campus, BookEnds participants can take advantage of all the Southampton Writers Conference has to offer, from lectures and readings to the free shuttle to the beach.

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