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Children’s Lit Fellows Alum Conference

Once a Fellow, Always a Fellow!

  July 13-15, 2020

Fee: $350*

 Calling all Children’s Lit Fellows alumnae!

Are you working on a new manuscript? Trying to finish a previous one? Miss the camaraderie and support of the Fellowship? Ready to take the next step with respect to the business of being a writer?

 Join us for the 3rd annual Children’s Lit Fellows Alum Conference!

 Held between sessions 1 and 2 of the Southampton Writers Conference, and led by program director Emma Walton Hamilton and author/editor Laura Geringer Bass, this mini-conference features 3 days/2 nights of reunion, communion and re-inspiration.

 The schedule includes the following:

  • “Shop Talk” – Your Author Platform
  • Workshopping PB manuscripts and novel specifics (beginnings, endings, etc.)
  • Query refresher/critiques
  • Writing Time
  • Social Time with other alums

  Come for the Alum Conference only OR sign up for a Children's Literature Workshop and stay on!

  SPACE IS LIMITED TO 15 PARTICIPANTS and admissions is on a first-come, first served basis.

“The Alum Conference was just what I needed, which was to pull away from my regular home life and force me to refocus on where I'm at with my material, departing with a game plan to keep moving forward. I got some much needed feeedback on pages I hadn't looked at in a while and was excited to get fresh eyes and ultimately lots of wonderful encouragement to keep going!! As an alum, I'm so grateful for the resources that remain available to me and proud to be a member of this ever-expanding inspirational family."

  • Alana Sanko, 2017-18, Westchester, NY

*fee is for 3-day workshop only; housing and meals are billed separately

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