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International Studies (GLS)

International Studies
The International Studies (INT) Living Learning Center program is for students interested in international business, working with international aid and development organizations, law school or MBA programs, graduate school in the humanities or social sciences, and learning about the world and how to change it. The International Studies Living Learning Center is located in Stimson College and is affiliated with the Global Studies Undergraduate College. 

Georges Fouron, EdD
Faculty Director/ Advisor

Telephone: 631-632-6924

What is the minor in International Studies?

Thousands protest the World Bank and IMF in Washington and Prague. Big Macs are sold in Paris. Zapatista rebels broadcast on the internet from Southern Mexico. One in three South African students will die of AIDS within ten years. Microsoft Corporation is worth more money than Spain makes in a year.

While you have no doubt heard of “globalization,” you might be wondering: “What does it really mean for me?” It means that the world outside of the U.S. is becoming more important to the way we study, work, and, in general, live our lives. It also means that regardless of your major or future plans, a solid understanding of global issues and world cultures will be an essential component of your resume.

The minor in International Studies (department code INT) provides such a background. Through an interdisciplinary and integrated program of study, we examine the major social, economic, and political developments in the world today. In the end, you will have a broader understanding of the world around you -- the opportunities and problems created by global processes, and the possibilities for social activism and change.

You will choose a region of specialization to gain deeper knowledge of a particular part of the world and are urged to spend at least one semester abroad.

For information on the International Studies Minor requirements, click here

What activities take place in the International Studies Academy?

 You will benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of an Academy, which breeds cooperation among students with diverse backgrounds. Peer advising, tutoring and college skills training are provided to all Living Learning Center students.

Students in the International Studies Academy have been involved in projects such as:

  • Organizing and running the International Talent Show
  • Diversity programs on languages, cultures, religions, life styles and relationships
  • Language tutoring in English, Spanish, French and Japanese