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Health and Wellness (HDV)

Health and Wellness
The Health and Wellness (LHW) Living Learning Center program is for students interested in careers in the health professions. The Health and Wellness Living Learning Center is located in Schick College and is affiliated with the Human Development Undergraduate College.

Deborah Zelizer, PhD, LCSW
Faculty Director /Advisor

Telephone: 631-444-6158 

What is the minor in Health and Wellness?

Through courses -- taught at the Living Learning Center and campus wide – and informal interactions with faculty and other students, the Health and Wellness minor (department code LHW) will provide you with a foundation in the concepts of healthy living and help you select future studies/careers in the health professions.

In addition to introducing you to exciting health care careers, LHW courses provide a small class learning environment designed to promote skills in group dynamics, active problem solving and independent learning. These skills and a strong interest in health and wellness may identify you as a strong candidate for a health care profession.

For information on the Health and Wellness Minor requirements, click here

What activities take place in the Health and Wellness Living Learning Center?

In addition to the peer advising, tutoring and college skills training that are provided to all Living Learning Center students, students in the Health and Wellness Living Learning Center have been involved in

  • Organizing and running Wellness Week
  • Alcohol Awareness Week, a residence hall program
  • "Loving the Skin You’re In Week," a program that focuses on body image
  • Divas of Elegance Fashion Show, to promote positive body image for plus-sized women