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Television Writing: A Word from Alan Kingsberg

A curriculum that is singularly focused on television writing will put our graduates at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry and art form.

alan kingsbergThe opportunity to build a television writing MFA from the ground up is a chance to do things better – a chance to include only the best practices from the top universities where I've taught for the past 17 years.

This includes the in-depth small-workshop approach I've practiced at some of the country's top MFA programs since 1999 and the unique one-on-one mentoring approach that's been so successful at smaller liberal arts colleges. By adding in the practical wisdom of working showrunners, writers and producers, I believe we have created a unique and unparalleled television writing curriculum at Stony Brook.

The bar has been set high in recent years with series as diverse as Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Transparent and Atlanta. We believe that to reach that high bar a program must be singularly focused. Other graduate programs tack television onto a film-centered curriculum or make television part of a three-legged stool composed of theater, film and television. While we will teach ancillary skills such as directing, editing, sketch comedy and screenwriting, our primary and deep focus will be on episodic television writing.

Our goal at Stony Brook: to provide an unrivaled television writing curriculum where students graduate with professional television writing portfolios ready to launch their careers in a field that is not only in a golden age of creativity but also of opportunity.

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