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Television Writing Guest Series

Enjoy this series of short videos featuring Alan Kingsberg, Head of Television Writing for Stony Brook University's MFA in Film Program, in conversation with writers and producers from some of today's top television programs.

Jump toJason Kim, Staff Writer, Girls    |  Derek Haas, creator, Chicago Fire   |   Kyle Bradstreet, Executive Producer, Mr. Robot

Jason Kim, Staff Writer, Girls

DEEP DIVE into the writers room of HBO's GIRLS with TV writer JASON KIM.


Hannah’s writing and the theme of heartbreak.


Writing for Four Characters.


The critically acclaimed "bottle episodes."


Kyle Bradstreet, Executive Producer, Mr. Robot

Starting the writers room on Mr. Robot.


Breaking scenes with visual images.


The process: story, beat sheet, outline, script.


How episode 106 changed from script to production.


Breaking scripts by character.


Derek Haas, creator and showrunner, Chicago Fire

The start of a new season.


Flipping audience expectations.


Board, outline, script.