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 Spring 2021

New Club/Organization Process


NCOP Timeline


Initial Proposal (Opens 2/15/21 at 8:00am - Closes on 3/1/21 at 8:00am)

Stony Brook University (hereinafter referred to as “SBU”) encourages individual development in many ways, including that of self-governance by recognized student organizations (RSO’s). RSO’s help build an important sense of community, create places and opportunities for students to share and discover new interests and skills, and are indispensable contributors to the vibrancy of student life. 

All RSO’s are expected to create and maintain a governance system congruent with University policy, which fosters individual and group growth and responsibility. Groups seeking recognition by the University must go through the New Club/Organization Process. Recognition is the formal process by which SBU agrees that an organization may function on campus, enroll members, and identify with the University. 

Groups seeking recognition must fill out the New Club/Organization Initial Proposal form on SB Engaged and submit the following information:

  • Proposed Organization Name 
  • Statement of Purpose
    • A Statement of Purpose that is unique to the proposed organization, and does not duplicate or closely resemble that of an already existing organization. This also includes but is not limited to organizations with similar goals but differing national and international affiliations, and organizations who may closely resemble or duplicate services offered by Stony Brook University offices or departments.
  • Growth and Sustainability Plan 
    • A comprehensive growth and sustainability plan for the new organization that details the following points:
      • How the organization plans to contribute to the Stony Brook community, or if applicable the local or national community
      • A plan by which the organization will encourage new and continued membership
      • A detailed executive board transition process. This is NOT an election process, but the process by which the outgoing executive board will prepare the incoming executive board to lead the organization (please see our Transition Guide for reference)
  • Program Proposal: a proposed event the group may plan to have if granted recognition
    • What is the purpose of the event? 
      • How does this event support the mission of the organization? 
      • How does this event contribute to the Stony Brook community? 
      • How would you foresee this event growing/expanding in future years?

A committee will review the proposal and make a decision on whether the proposed group will move on to the second step in the process based on the information provided on the application. Applications must be clear and concise, with information that allows the committee to determine if the organization's purpose and goals duplicates or closely resembles that of another organization and adheres to University requirements, guidelines, and policies. We may reach out if we have additional questions regarding your application. All initial decisions will be made and communicated to the primary contact no later than 3/8/2021 .

Resubmissions (Opens 3/8/21 at 8am - Closes 3/15/21 at 8am) 

The resubmission period will be available for any proposed group who received a denial notice on their initial proposal during the New Club/Orgnaization Procress for the current semester. This serves as another opportunity for the proposed group to modify their application based on feedback from the committee and submit with modifications for a second review.

  • Proposed groups may only resubmit once, therefore it is imperative the submission adheres to all requirements and responds to all questions. 
  • Application resubmissions will be reviewed by the committee after the resubmission deadline. 
  • Those who submit a resubmission application will receive a final decision no later than 3/22/21 .
  • If a proposed organization receives approval for their initial submission, they will be able to move onto Step 2. 
  • Proposed organizations that are approved will be able to move on to Step 2 of the process. 
  • Proposed organizations that are denied will be encouraged to re-apply in future semesters.
  • There is no appeal process for decisions provided after the second review. 
The New Club/Organization Process - Step 1 form can be accessed on the main page of SB Engaged under 'Campus Links'




New Club/Organization Process (Opens 3/1/21 8:00am, approvals on a rolling basis until 4/9/21)

Proposed groups who have been granted initial approval to move on to step 2 will need to complete the New Club/Organization Process form, and submit the following criteria: 

  • An executive board consisting minimally of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Event Coordinator. All executive board members must meet the following requirements:
    • Hold only one position on the executive board
    • Meet the GPA requirement put forth by the Department of Student Engagement and Activities of 2.25 for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students
      • This will be based on a person’s cumulative grade point average
      • Transfer students are permitted to hold executive board positions provided they are current SBU students and proper verification is provided in the application. This verification must reflect the student’s name, institution name, and the appropriate cumulative GPA.
    • No more than two executive board members for a newly proposed undergraduate organization may hold a U4 standing in order to ensure the longevity of the proposed organization. 
    • Executive board members must be in appropriate conduct standing with the University. Sanctions of University Probation or higher, or a sanction restricting participation in clubs/organizations or from holding leadership positions disqualify students from serving in an executive board or leadership position.
    • Be matriculated and working toward a degree
  • Confirmation of a faculty or staff member that is willing to serve as the advisor
  • A constitution that follows the model constitution provided by the Department of Student Engagement and Activities, and is in line with state regulations. The model constitution can be found on SB Engaged in the documents section for the Department of Student Engagement and Activities page
    • We recommend that groups attend the Constitution Workshop prior to creating their club constitution. During this workshop we will discuss common mistakes found in constitutions, what is required in a constitution vs. what can be changed to best fit the group, as well as an opportunity to ask questions regarding the club constitution
  • A general club email address (can be Yahoo, Gmail, etc)
  • At least 10 general body members on the SB Engaged roster
  • At least two eboard members of the club must attend the New Club Workshop after approval (dates to be determined).

Once all steps in this process are completed appropriately, the group may be granted recognition.

Please note, this step of the process typically consists of multiple resubmissions based on comments and suggestions from the New Club/Organization Process committee member who reviews your submission. It is important that resubmissions with changes are made in a timely manner. Failure to supply resubmissions in a timely manner may delay the proposed organization's approval to a future semester.

The Department of Student Engagement & Activities reserves the right to deny recognition to a proposed organization if:

  • The statement of purpose is not unique to the proposed organization, and duplicates or closely resembles that of an already existing organization. This also includes but is not limited to organizations with similar goals but differing national and international affiliations, and organizations who may closely resemble or duplicate services offered by Stony Brook University offices or departments.
  • The proposed organization does not meet the requirements for University recognition as outlined in the Community Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations
  • The proposed organization does not adhere to University requirements, guidelines, and policies. 

*If a proposed organization is unable to meet all requirements due to extenuating circumstances, please notify Mel Ferrin, Program Coordinator for Student Engagement and Activities via email at . Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. 


To support in the process of gaining University recognition for a proposed organization, we will host a variety of workshops and drop-in hours throughout the semester including but not limited to: 

  • New Club/Organization Process Pre-Workshop: 2/10 & 2/15 at 7pm
  • Pre-Submission Reviews Drop-In Hours: 2/17 12pm-2pm & 2/26 1pm-3pm
  • Constitution Workshop: 3/11 & 3/17 at 7pm, 3/26 at 5pm
  • New Club Workshop (required for approved clubs and organizations)

Please see our SB Engaged page for more details on the events listed above. 

Additionally, please review and familiarize yourself with the  Community Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations to ensure your proposed organization meets all of the requirements for recognition.

Organizations that duplicate or closely resemble other already recognized student organizations may be asked to consider becoming a subcommittee of the recognized student organization, please review the Subcommittee Guidelines for information on the structure and benefits of becoming a subcommittee.

Fraternity & Sorority Expansion:

The expansion process for Fraternities and Sororities is different than the new club process. All fraternities and sororities wishing to seek recognition from Stony Brook University may submit a formal letter expressing interest in expanding to

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