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How Your Student Can Get Involved on Campus

There are many different ways students can become involved on campus such as joining a student club or organization, community service and volunteering; on-campus jobs, internships, and research; and much more. All these involvement opportunities help  students gain important practical leadership and communication skills, as well as developing a sense of community and building new support systems by meeting like-minded peers, and interacting with others with diverse opinions and life experiences. 


Campus Life Opportunities

With over 350+ recognized student clubs and organizations on campus, there is something for everyone! If your student isn't sure about which group to join, every semester, the department of Student Engagement and Activities hosts Involvement Fairs, which are the main touchpoint for students to connect with others with similar interests, or to try something new! They can also take this quiz and find out what type of organization best fits their interests. 

In addition, SBEngaged, and its mobile component, the CORQ App, are your student's connection to all campus activities and events. They can download the CORQ app from the App Store or Google App Store and then connect to Stony Brook University for a daily calendar of events. 

For more information, please visit Student Engagement and Activities

Involvement Fair


Student Employment and Experiential Learning Opportunities 

Students have the possibility to participate in various career-enriching opportunities that will help them boost their skills and improve their resume and strengthen their candidacy when applying for jobs or future graduate studies, such as on-campus or off-campus jobs, service-learning, volunteering, student organization leadership and campus involvement, faculty-led research and projects, experiential study abroad, student employment/work-study, cooperative education, and internships. 

It is never too early for students to get involved and start building their resumes! 

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Other Opportunities to Get Involved

Academic Research

Peer Education Programs 

Study Abroad and International Exchange