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Peer Education Programs

Peer education programs allow students to gain the knowledge and skills to strengthen themselves and their own campus community directly from their peers.

There are many opportunities across the University, coordinated through Student Affairs, Academic Affairs and other areas, for students to get involved in different programs: from health education programs to tutoring and academic advising internships. 

Health Education and Bystander Intervention Programs

We offer a wide variety of opportunities for students to learn about bystander intervention, health behaviors and opportunities to get involved in educating their peers about these topics.



AIDS Peer Education

This program addresses issues of HIV transmission and helps students learn skills that will allow them to speak with their peers about risk reduction.



Diversity Peer Education

This internship trains students on how to effectively engage others, analyze situations, and bring about change in the campus context through the lens of diversity and social justice.



Academic & Transfer Advising Services Internship

The internship provides outstanding juniors and seniors the opportunity to gain leadership and advising experience, improve personal and professional skills, and explore career aspirations while providing assistance to others



Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

PAL Leaders are students who have done well in the course and who have undergone extensive PAL training to plan effective sessions. PAL peers work together with students to impact the way they learn difficult content in a specific course .



Peer Academic Success Coaching Program

PASC tutors are current undergraduate students who are passionate about helping their peers develop the skills necessary to become successful at Stony Brook University. Instead of tutoring specific courses, they tutor students on academic success strategies and behaviors .