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#Stony Brook Strong


Seawolves are driven, talented, hardworking and ambitious. Many - over a third - are also first in their families to go to college, some overcoming remarkable odds to follow their dreams.

Keep more dreams alive

Your gifts help our students go further, faster by:

  • Helping wih tuition, room and board for the complete college experience
  • Providing emergency funds when they have nowhere else to turn
  • Offering support that helps students better compete for internships, grad school and jobs

#Stony Brook Strong


Now more than ever, it’s clear that Stony Brook is a beacon for the best medical practices and breakthrough research that save lives.

Be a health giver, a life saver

Your gifts help us treat, heal and give hope by:

  • Allocating critical dollars for ventilators, surgical gloves and gowns and N95 masks for healthcare workers.
  • Underwriting the research and clinical trials for best outcomes, including ones that reduce health care disparities among under represented minorities
  • Bolstering Suffolk County’s only Level-One trauma center

#Stony Brook Strong


Stony Brook’s multidisciplinary research — close to home and across the globe — has and will continue to transform the way we think about healthcare, energy and the environment, as well as the many global challenges we face.

Fuel the solutions we need

Your gifts help us explore and advance what we know about what’s possible, such as:

  • Remote and touchless monitors that enable seniors to age at home more safely
  • Deploying artificial intelligence to study climate change and its impact on our future
  • The impact of social isolation on well-being; keeping the economy afloat while waiting for a vaccine; and a study on training for optimum online teaching and learning; are among the more than 40 current College of Arts and Sciences research studies

Equally, #Stony Brook Strong

Fuel funding for even more inclusiveness, diversity and equality opportunities for our students.

Invest in Better Futures for all

More on how we can ensure equal opportunities for excellence.