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People at SoMAS


Facility Manager, Flax Pond Marine Laboratory

Glider Specialist

Caitlin Asato |
Research Scientist, CCWT

Dominique Barone |
Assistant Director for Administration and Grants

Renz Bastianelli |

Betsy Barrows |
MOU Administrator

Nancy Black |
Undergraduate Advisor

Jade Blennau |
Program Support Specialist, PEP

David Bowman |

Hilary Brooks |
Center Administrator, CCWT

Sara Cernadas-Martin |
Water Quality Program Manager, PEP

Ginny Clancy |
Educational Programs Coordinator

Scott Convery |
Fleet Captain

Michael Doall |
Associate Director for Bivalve Restoration

Courtney Ferland |
Senior Staff Assistant, Southampton

Christina Fink |
Education Programs Assistant

Michael Fogg |

Brian Gagliardi |
Vessels Captain and Fleet Manager

Kaitlin Giglio |
Assistant Director, Marine Conservation and Policy Program

Chris Harter |
Port Captain and Captain R/V Seawolf

Christina Heilbrun |
Research Scientist

John Holden |
Deckhand and Small Vessel Captain

John Juntunen |

Kim Knoll |
Staff Assistant, Marine Resources Advisory Council

Mark Lang |
Senior Systems Engineer


Maria Mann |
Grants Coordinator

Stefanie Massucci |
Senior Assistant Dean

Tyler Menz |

Lucas Merlo |
Instrument Technician

Maureen Murphy |
Project Coordinator, CIDER

Joyce Novak |
Executive Director, PEP

Chris Paparo |
Facility Manager, Southampton Marine Sciences Center

Meghan Oates |
Research Support Specialist

Steve Ortega |
Staff Assistant to the Dean

Frank Russo |
Program Manager, CCWT

Christine Santora |
Assistant Director for Policy and Outreach, IOCS

Kathryn Santoro|
Marine Laboratory Technician

Willa Schultz |
Facility Manager, South Campus

Jason Schweitzer |
Deckhand and Small Vessel Captain

Erica Shannon |
Financial Business Manager

Levi Silvers |
Research Scientist

Diane Vigliotta |
Grants Administrator

Valerie Virgona |
Outreach Coordinator, PEP

Trish Volz |
Staff Assistant, Atmospheric Sciences Division

Karen Warren |
Assistant to the Director, CIDER

Stuart Waugh |
Research Scientist, CCWT

Thomas Wilson |
Instrument Engineer

Chris Winsor |
Fleet Captain

Elena Yakubovskaya |
Research Scientist

Joshua Zacharias |

Tatiana Zaliznyak |


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Distinguished Professors

Robert Aller |
Marine biogeochemistry, marine animal-sediment relations.

Nicholas Fisher |
Marine phytoplankton physiology and ecology, biogeo-chemistry of metals, marine pollution

Coastal ecosystem ecology, climate change, harmful algal blooms, phytoplankton, ocean acidification

Paul Shepson |
Atmospheric Chemistry and climate change; Aviation; Arctic and coastal halogen chemistry; greenhouse gas source and sink measurements; atmospheric aerosols; climate change communications

Minghua Zhang |
Climate modelling, atmospheric dynamics


Distinguished Service Professors

Henry Bokuniewicz |
Near shore transport processes, coastal groundwater hydrology, coastal sedimentation, marine geophysics

Endowed Professors

Bassem Allam |
Marinetics Endowed Professorship in Marine Science

Endowed Chair of Coastal Ecology and Conservation

Ellen Pikitch |
Endowed Professorship of Ocean Conservation Science

Carl Safina |
Carl Safina Endowed Research Chair for Nature and Humanity



Josephine Aller |
Marine benthic ecology, invertebrate zoology,marine microbiology, biogeochemistry

Robert Cerrato |
Benthic ecology, population and community dynamics.

Edmund Chang |
Atmospheric dynamics and diagnoses, climate dynamics, synoptic meteorology

Yong Chen |
Fisheries ecology; stock assessment; population and ecosystem dynamics; monitoring program design and optimization; climate change; fisheries management; international fisheries

Brian Colle |
Extreme weather, coastal meteorology, weather forecasting, regional climate change

Michael Frisk |
Fish ecology, population modeling and life history theory

Sultan Hameed |
Climate change: analysis, impacts, and predictability

Marat Khairoutdinov |
Climate modeling, high-resolution cloud modeling, cloud microphysics and parameterization

Daniel Knopf |
Atmospheric Chemistry, Microphysics and Chemistry of Atmospheric Aerosols, Heterogeneous Atmospheric Chemistry and Kinetics

Pavlos Kollias |
Cloud Microphysics and Dynamics, Environmental Remote Sensing, Radar Meteorology and Technology

Darcy Lonsdale |
Ecology and physiology of marine zooplankton; food web dynamics of estuarine plankton and the impacts of harmful algal blooms.

John Mak|
Trace gas isotopic composition for the reconstruction of atmospheric chemistry in the paleo atmosphere; trace gas emissions from the biosphere; development of instrumentation platforms for research aircraft.

Brad Peterson |
Community ecology of seagrass dominated ecosystems

Gordon Taylor |
Marine microbiology, interests in microbial ecology, trophodynamics, anoxia, hypoxia, single-cell analysis, Raman microspectrometry and atomic force microscopy


Associate Professors of Service

Sharon Pochron |
ecotoxicology and soil ecology

Associate Professors

Katherine Aubrecht |
chemical education, sustainable and green chemistry

Steven Beaupré |
Marine Biogeochemistry, Chemical kinetics of natural organic matter, radiocarbon analyses

David Black |
Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, deep-sea sediments, marine micropaleontology

Jackie Collier |
Phytoplankton physiological ecology; Biocomplexity and microbial diversity; Planktonic ecosystem processes in marine, estuarine, and freshwater systems

Mary Collins |
Environmental Health Inequality, Environmental Justice, Socio-Environmental Systems, Quantitative Methods, Data Synthesis and Visualization

Ali Farhadzadeh |
Nearshore hydrodynamics, resilient coastal protection systems, coastal flooding

Michael French |
supercell and tornado dynamics; Doppler weather radar applications; mesoscale meteorology

Sara Hamideh |
disaster recovery and community resilience

Kamazima Lwiza |
Structure and dynamics of shelf-seas and remote sensing oceanography

Kevin Reed |
Climate Modeling; Climate Change Attribution, Tropical Cyclones; Climate Extremes; Atmospheric Dynamics, Science Policy

Lesley Thorne |
Bio-physical and trophic interactions in marine ecology; application of spatial analysis and landscape ecology techniques to marine conservation

Nils Volkenborn |
Sediment biogeochemistry, animal-sediment interactions, benthic ecology

Joe Warren |
Acoustical oceanography, Zooplankton behavior and ecology

Laura Wehrmann |
Marine Biogeochemistry, Geochemical element cycles, Deep Biosphere

Christopher Wolfe |
Physical oceanography, large-scale circulation: theory and modeling.

Qingzhi Zhu |
Chem-/Bio- Sensors, Marine Biogeochemistry, Trace Elements, Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Assistant Professors

Donovan Finn |
community-based planning, disaster recovery, resilience policy, urban design and placemaking

Christine Gilbert |
science communication, health communication, and crisis and risk communication

Sung-Gheel Jang |
Geospatial Sciences and geographic information systems

Jack McSweeney |
estuarine dynamics, coastal sediment transport, shoaling internal waves, coastal connectivity

Roy Price |
Hydrothermal vents, water-rock reactions, toxic metal & metalloid cycling in coastal environments, arsenic bioaccumulation, vent-biota relationships, and alkaline shallow-sea vents

David Taylor |
environmental humanities, history of naturalist studies, American Literature, nature writing

Karina Yager |
Climate change impacts; Remote Sensing; Andes; Mountain Societies, and Sustainability Studies


Kurt Bretsch |
Marine and Environmental Science Education, Coastal Community Ecology

Adam Charboneau |
Sustainability Studies

Tara Rider |
Maritime and Environmental History, Sustainability

Research Professors

Baoshan Chen |
Carbon cycling in diverse marine ecosystems; Ocean acidification; Climate change effects; Sensor development;

Charles Flagg |
Continental Shelf Dynamics, Bio-Physical Interactions in Shelf Systems, Climate Change Effects on Coastal Systems, Shipboard ADCPs on Volunteer Observing Ships

Roger Flood |
Marine geology, sediment dynamics, continental margin sedimentation

Marvin Geller |
Atmosphere dynamics, stratosphere/mesosphere, climate

Ping Liu |
Climate change, dynamics and modeling;

Israel Lopez-Coto |
pollutant atmospheric transport and turbulent mixing, emissions quantification, air quality and toxic exposure

Mariko Oue |
Research Scientist

Emmanuelle Pales-Espinosa |
Shellfish physiology, Particle selection mechanisms in suspension-feeding bivalves, Algology

Oliver Shipley |
Bulk and compound specific stable isotope systems, food-webs, ecological niches, community dynamics, ecosystem ecology, energy flow

Affiliated Faculty

Stephen Baines
Aquatic ecosystem ecology, ecological stoichiometry

Gregory Henkes
Stable isotope geochemistry of light elements

Heidi Hutner
Environmental literature and film; ecofeminism; environmental justice; feminism; race studies; women’s literature; Restoration and eighteenth-century literature and culture.

Jeff Levinton | 
Marine benthic ecology, macroevolution

Heather Lynch
Development and application of statistics

Dianna Padilla
Aquatic ecology, applied ecology, conservation biology