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Study Abroad

SoMAS offers undergraduate and graduate students the following opportunities to study abroad while earning credit:


MAR 388 / MAR 537 Tropical Marine Ecology is taught by Dr. Joe Warren and Dr. Brad Peterson and takes students to the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory in Jamaica to study the ecology and conservation of a Caribbean reef ecosystem. MAR 388 is offered during the Winter Semester.

ENV 410 Environmental Sustainability in Tanzania is taught by Dr. Kamazima Lwiza and takes students to Tanzania where students have the opportunity to experience the cultural environment of northern Tanzania on an academic and service learning safari. ENV410 is offered during the Summer Semester.

ENS 301 / SUS 324 Geography and the Global Environment in Ireland is taught by Dr. Tara Rider and takes students to Ireland and England.  Students will explore the vibrant history, culture, and landscape of Ireland and London, England.  This program is offered during the Summer Session.

MAR 532 Marine Protected Areas is taught by Dr. Michael Frisk and takes students to the Cape Eleuthera Institute, a remote research station situated on Eleuthera, The Bahamas.  Students will have the opportunity to sample a broad range of predators from habitats spanning mangroves, colitic banks, coral reefs, and open-ocean/deep-water.  

EHM 316 Sustainability and Cuba is taught by Dr. David Taylor and takes students to Cuba which represents a wonderful case study for the value of using the natural history, arts, media and cultural traditions as a means of encouraging citizens to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. EHM 316 is offered during the Winter Semester.


The Semester Abroad program at Stony Brook offers other opportunities for foreign study.