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Combined Degree Programs

SoMAS offers four combined 5-Year Bachelors and Masters degree programs.  Click on the links for the program requirements.

* For the most up to date and official degree description and requirements see the undergraduate bulletin for ATM, ENS, MAR and MVB majors.


Students will normally be considered for admission into a combined degree program after completing their junior year of undergraduate study-either before the start of their senior year or during their senior year. Students with exceptional records may be admitted during the junior year. Students who transfer to Stony Brook after their junior year must complete one semester at Stony Brook before they will be considered for admission to this combined degree program.

The combined programs are designed for outstanding students in the undergraduate ATM/ENS/MAR/MVB degrees. The highly selective admissions requirements for students entering the combined degree program are as follows:

  • Recommended overall Stony Brook undergraduate GPA of at least 3.3.
  • Recommended minimum GPA of 3.5 in courses required in the major and
  • Letters of recommendation from two Stony Brook faculty members.

Any student considering one of the BS/MS programs should identify a potential MS advisor who has agreed to advise him or her, as part of the combined degree program is that he or she will begin doing graduate level research during the summer following their fourth year.

For more information and the first steps to take toward a combined degree program at SoMAS, please visit the links below, which include forms to complete to begin the applicaton process. The form includes instructions for submission.

Please visit the Marine, Atmospheric, and Sustainability Sciences M.S. page for more information about the requirements for the M.S. degree.

Please visit the Marine Conservation and Policy page for more information about the requirements for the M.A. degree.


Other Combined Degree Programs

The College of Business at Stony Brook University offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Fast Track Program that qualifying students in ATM, ENS, MAR, MVB and SUS can apply for to earn their MBA in their fifth year at Stony Brook.  For program information, requirements and additional information, please visit the College of Business.


* For the most up to date and official degree description and requirements see the undergraduate bulletin.


1. This checklist summarizes your major/minor degree requirements. Please consult the Undergraduate Bulletin that was in place when you declared your major/minor for the official list of major/minor requirements. For details, visit

2. This checklist indicates ONLY what is required for your major or minor, and does not confirm completion of the University’s general education, upper-division, and total credit requirements. Please consult with the appropriate academic advising unit to review the remaining graduation requirements. For general advising locations, visit