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Keith Sheppard

Address: 039 Life Sciences Building, Stony Brook Univeristy, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5233
Phone Number:  (631) 632 2989

Ed.D. Science Education, Teachers College, Columbia University.

PGCE Physics & Chemistry Education, Christ’s College, Liverpool University.

B.Sc. (Hons). Chemistry with Material Science, Liverpool University


Chemistry Education, Physics Education, History of Science Education, Science Learning, Science Teacher Education.


CSM 600: History and Philosophy of Science Education CSM 620: Science Teacher Education CSM 630: Science Education Research Seminar CSM 640:  Directed Study in Science Education 

Professional interest: 

Recent work has focused on the  History of  Science Education particularly the late nineteenth and early twentieth century  development of science curriculum, exams and laboratory work. Additional studies have examined student and teachers’ learning and understanding of various topics in chemistry. Current research includes studies of student access to science courses in New York State and the use of master teachers in teacher preparation.

Grants and Initiatives: 

Dr. Sheppard has been/is a Principal Investigator on Two Robert Noyce grants from the National Science Foundation. Additionally, he is the ongoing director of a $450k Petrie Foundation grant to provide STEM teachers for New York City. He recently completed a $495k Toyota Foundation Award related to professional development of STEM tecahers from across New York State. He has been awarded approximately $2 Million in external funding as PI and has served as Co-PI on several other grants.

Awards and Service: 

Dr. Sheppard received Excellence in Teaching Awards annually from 2000-2006 at Teachers Collehge, Columbia University. Dr. Sheppard is the founder and Director of the PhD program in Science Education at Stony Brook University. He has served on the Advisory Boards of several statewide educational projects, and is a reviewer for numerous science educational journals. He is an examiner for the International Baccalaureate Physics program and was a reviewer for the National Research Council's Committee on Advanced Study of Mathematics and Science.


Dr. Sheppard has ongoing collaborations with several universities and colleges. He was a member of the Leadership Collaborative for the APLU Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative. He works closely with his former students, many of whom hold science education faculty positions.

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