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SUNY Cross Registration

The SUNY Cross Registration Agreement affords the opportunity to those students in jeopardy of increasing their length of graduation due to lack of available courses at their Home Campus.  This agreement allows undergraduate full-time matriculated students to cross-register with another participating SUNY Campus to complete degree-applicable courses with no additional tuition charges from the participating Host Campus.  Students are responsible to pay their tuition charges to their Home Campus only. 

Registration through this agreement is recorded on the student’s academic record.  The Host Campus uploads a final transcript, including all final grades, to the SUNY Cross Registration request at the completion of the semester.  The student, by means of submitting a SUNY Cross Registration request, agrees to give Stony Brook University and the participating SUNY Campus permission to exchange personal and academic information for the purpose of completing such request. 

When Cross Registration is not an option, students can still consider taking a course at another school by paying out-of-pocket.  Students should review the transfer equivalency guide to make sure the course(s) of interest transfer back to Stony Brook University as expected.

A complete list of SUNY campuses can be found here.

Home Institution = the institution where you are matriculated.
Host Institution = the institution with which you are seeking to take additional courses.