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Withdrawal (W) & G/P/NC

It is important to discuss the G/P/NC and Withdrawal options for any class with an advisor before making that decision; however, this is especially important for the prehealth prerequisites. You should avoid a pattern of such remarks on your transcript. Professional schools may interpret this as indicating poor judgment, bad planning, or the inability to finish what you begin.

Top 10 things to Know About the G/P/NC Option

  1. You can't G/P/NC a class that is S/U OR A, B, C/U graded (These courses do not offer the G/P/NC option).
  2. Earning a "P" in a course does NOT fulfill DEC, SBC objectives or major requirements.  Earning a "P" will fulfill the 39 Upper Division credit requirement and the total credits towards graduation. 
  3. If you are a TAP recipient, note that if you earn a "P" in a course, it may affect your eligibility to receive TAP in future terms.  
  4. The G/P/NC option cannot be selected for repeated courses.
  5. If you are registered as a full time student, you may withdraw from a class. If you cannot withdraw from a class because it will put you below 12 credits, you might want to consider the G/P/NC option.
  6. Talk to your professor about how you are doing in a course before deciding on an option because you might be doing better than you think!
  7. It is not necessarily better to G/P/NC or to withdraw from a course, speak to an advisor to figure out which might be best for you!
  8. The G/P/NC option is available for only one course per semester, with the exception of PHY 121/123 & PHY 122/124.  You must choose the same G/P/N/C grade threshold in both courses.  
  9. Remember to verify the semester deadline for G/P/N/C and withdrawal!
  10. Neither the "P" nor "NC" is factored into your GPA. 

If the G/P/NC option does not appear for a selected course, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You are repeating the course. Refer to #4 above.
  • You already selected the G/P/NC option for a different course. Refer to #8 above.
  • The course is not G/P/NC-able.  Refer to #1 above.

Learn more about the G/P/NC and Withdrawal guidelines.