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Mary Rawlinson

Mary C. Rawlinson

Professor Emeritus
Joint Appointment with Comparative Literature

Ph.D. Northwestern University, 1978


Areas of Specialization:

Areas of Specialization: Hegel; bioethics; global health and social justice; aesthetics and philosophy of literature; Proust; contemporary French thought

Mary C. Rawlinson is the author of Just Life: Bioethics and the Future of Sexual Difference (Columbia University Press, 2016.) She is the editor or co-editor The Routledge Handbook of Food Ethics (Routledge, 2016),  Engaging the World: Thinking after Irigaray (SUNY, 2016), Global Food, Global Justice: Essays on Eating Under Globalization (Cambridge Scholars, 2015), Labor and Global Justice: essays on the ethics of labor practices under globalization (Lexington Books, 2015), Thinking with Irigaray (SUNY, 2011), The Voice of Breast Cancer in Medicine and Bioethics (Springer, 2006), and Derrida and Feminism (Routledge, 1997).

Rawlinson edited five issues of the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, including Foucault and the Philosophy of Medicine, The Future of Psychiatry, and Feminist Bioethics. Her publications include articles on Hegel, Proust, literature and ethics, food justice, the ethics of tourism, bioethics, the critique of rights, and contemporary French philosophy.

Rawlinson was the Founding Editor (2006-2016) of IJFAB: International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics and the Co-founder and Co-director (2006-2017) of The Irigaray Circle. She is an Affiliated Faculty in Comparative Literature, Women’s and Gender Studies, Art History, and the College of Business.

In 2016 Rawlinson received the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring Graduate Students. In 2018 she was appointed Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, University College London.

Selected recent articles:

Long Distances: Touration, Travel, and the Ethics of Tourism, in Philosophy, Travel, and Place: Being in Transit, Ron Scapp and Brian Seitz, eds., London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018,  pp.  7-50.

The Climate of Food: Justice, Truth, and Structural Change, in Food, Environment, and Climate Change: Justice at the Intersections, Erinn Cuniff Gilson and Sarah Kenehan, eds., London: Rowman and Littlefield, 2018,  pp. 91-118.

Women’s Work: Ethics, Homecooking, and the Sexual Politics of Food, in Routledge Handbook of Food Ethics, Routledge, 2016, pp. 61-71.

Game Change: Philosophy After Irigaray, in Engaging the World: Thinking After Irigaray, Albany: SUNY Press, 2016, 65-75.

Biopolitics, Bioethics, and the Capitalization of Female Bodies, in Poetic Biopolitics, Peg Rawes, ed, London: I.B. Tauris, 2016, 24-45

Meaningful Work: labor, gender, and justice under globalization, in Labor and Justice, Lexington Books, 2014, pp. 23-42.

Beyond  Antigone: Ismene, Gender, and the Right to Life, in The Returns of Antigone, Tina Chanter and Sean Kirkland, eds., Albany: SUNY Press, 2014.

"The Right to Life: Rethinking Universalism in Bioethics," in  Feminist Bioethics: At the Center, on the Margins Jackie Leach Scully, Laurel E. Baldwin-Ragaven, and Petya Fitzpatrick, eds. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 2010.

Professor Mary C. Rawlinson's CV