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Abdullah Basaran, Ph.D. 

A Basaran Associate Professor, Hitit University of Turkey

B.A., Divinity, Ankara University, Turkey, 2006-2010
M.A., Philosophy, Stony Brook University, 2013-2015
Ph.D., Philosophy, Stony Brook University, 2020

He completed his dissertation, "Touching the Text, the Touching Text: The Carnal Hermeneutics of Reading," at Stony Brook University. His research is in the areas of phenomenology, philosophical hermeneutics, literary theory, postmodern theories and postmodern literature, medieval and contemporary Islamic thought.


Edoardo Bellando, Ph.D. 

E Bellando
Laurea in Philosophy, 1979, University of Turin
M.A., Philosophy, 2008, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York

After working 30 years for the United Nations in Nairobi and New York, Edoardo completed his dissertation, “’From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’: what could it possibly mean, and what lies behind this Marxian principle?”, at Stony Brook University. He is grateful to the Philosophy Department for rejecting ageism, permitting him to resume in retirement his study of philosophy, begun as an undergraduate in Italy. He continues to study and write on philosophical issues.

Adam Blair, Ph.D. 

A Blair Consultant, CGI Tech and Solutions Inc. & Instructor of Philosophy,  University of North Dakota 

B.A., Film & Theatre Production, University of Colorado Denver (summa cum laude), 2014
B.A., Philosophy; minor in Leadership Studies, University of Colorado Denver (summa cum laude), 2014
Ph.D., Philosophy, Stony Brook University, 2021

Adam completed his dissertation, “Attentive Receptivity in Perceptual Play: a Phenomenology of Creative Spectatorship”, at Stony Brook University in 2021, wherein he investigates what it theoretically and concretely means to be creative through playing with perception. He continues to juggle his many interests—teaching philosophy, coding computers and developing software, playing jazz piano, taking photos and making films, and experimenting with new art forms and rethinking art gallery spaces. His philosophical work has been planted firmly in Phenomenological Aesthetics (and especially Merleau-Ponty), but continues to grow in further directions, drawing upon diverse resources including thinkers Bergson, Bachelard, Proust, and Deleuze; artists Joan Mitchell, Josef Albers, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and Robert Motherwell; and many fields including gallery studies, disability studies, and art theory/education. | IG: @adamtheblair


Erik Bormanis, Ph.D. 

e Bormanis Adjunct Professor of Philosophy,  Saint Francis College

B.A., Liberal Arts, Bishop's University, 2012
B.A.H., Philosophy, Bishop's University, 2012
M.A., Philosophy, Ryerson University, 2014
Ph.D, Philosophy, Stony Brook University, 2021

Erik is currently an adjunct professor of philosophy at Saint Francis College. He completed his dissertation, “Belonging in Place: A Critical Account of Cosmopolitanism and its World(s)” at Stony Brook University. His research is in the areas of 19th-20th Century Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, and Social and Political Philosophy, with a particular focus on issues of social belonging, alienation, and community.  

Brendan T. Conuel, Ph.D. 

Photo Adjunct Professor of Philosophy,  St. John's University

B.A., University Honors, Astrophysics/Religion, 2010, Wesleyan University
Ph.D., Philosophy, 2019, Stony Brook University

Brendan is an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at St. John's University. He completed his dissertation, “The Event of Mind,” at Stony Brook University where he was a Graduate Council Fellow. His research is primarily in the areas of Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, and Whitehead, with some work branching out into Philosophy of Mathematics, Women's Studies, Psychoanalysis, and Nietzsche.


Audrey Lane Ellis, Ph.D. 

Photo Lecturer, NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study

B.A., Philosophy and Dance, Goucher College 2006
M.A., Philosophy and Art, Stony Brook University, 2009
Ph.D, Philosophy, Stony Brook University, 2021

Audrey is currently teaching at the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study and working as a dance artist. She completed her dissertation, “From Animation to Activation: Improvisational Dance as Invitation and as Interruption” at Stony Brook University. Her research is in the areas of 19th-20th Century Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Feminism, Embodiment theory and Social and Political Philosophy.


Christopher E. Fremaux, Ph.D.

Photo Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The University of Scranton

B.A.,  Summa Cum Laude, Philosophy and Theology, 2009, St. Mary’s University
M.A.,  Summa Cum Laude, Philosophy, 2012, Boston College
Ph.D., Philosophy, 2020, Stony Brook University

Christopher is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Scranton in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He completed his dissertation, “Autonomy, Perfection, and God’s Will in Kant and the German Enlightenment,” at Stony Brook University, where he was awarded the Graduate Council Fellowship and the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student. His research focuses on moral philosophy in the 17 th and 18 th centuries, with a focus upon Kant and his German predecessors
and contemporaries.


Alycia W. LaGuardia-LoBianco, Ph.D.

Alycia LaGuardiaStockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, United States Naval Academy
B.A.,   Summa Cum Laude,   Philosophy, 2011, Stony Brook University
Ph.D. University of Connecticut,  Philosophy,  2018

Alycia is a 2018-2019 Resident Ethics Fellow in the Stockdale Center for Ethics at the U.S. Naval Academy. She completed her dissertation, “Suffering and Self-Sabotage in Ethical Life,” at the University of Connecticut, where she was a 2017-2018 Dissertation Fellow at the Humanities Institute. Her research is in the areas of Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, and Philosophy and Psychiatry with influences from Chinese and Indian Philosophies as well as Existentialism.


Ali M. Mohsen, Ph.D.

Photo Associate Professor, Santa Monica College

Ph.D. Stony Brook University, Philosophy, 2018
MA, California State University, Los Angeles, Philosophy, 2010
BA, California State University, Northridge, Philosophy, 2008

Ali joined the faculty at Santa Monica College in 2016. He teaches courses on ancient Greek philosophy, the philosophy of technology, the philosophy of humor, and critical thinking. Ali and his colleagues are collaborating on a new critical thinking curriculum that aims to promote equity and civic agency.


Philip J. Nelson, Ph.D.

Photo Lecturer, Purchase College
Lecturer, Stony Brook University, Computer Science

B.A., Highest Distinction, English, 2011,  Penn State Harrisburg
M.A., Philosophy, 2013, University of Oregon
Ph.D. Philosophy, 2020, Stony Brook University

Phillip is currently lecturing for Purchase College in the Philosophy department as well as Stony Brook University in the Computer Science department. He completed his dissertation, “War & Responsibility: A Political Phenomenology,” at Stony Brook University. His research is in the areas of Ethics, Social Political Philosophy, and the Philosophy of War. He teaches courses in Existentialism, History of Philosophy, Critical Thinking/Logic, and Philosophy of Technology.


Jenny K. Strandberg, Ph.D. 

J Sandberg Adjunct Assistant  Professor, Farmingdale State College and The College at Old  Westbury

B.S. Journalism and Science, 2005  Uppsala/Göteborg universitet, Sweden 
M.A. Philosophy, 2010, Stony Brook Manhattan 
Graduate Certificate in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, 2012, Stony Brook University
Ph.D. Philosophy, 2020, Stony Brook University

Jenny has been teaching Ethics with a focus on social and political issues at Farmingdale State College since 2015. After graduating from Stony Brook University in 2020, she was hired to teach two upper division courses and an introduction to philosophy course at the College at Old Westbury. Her research focuses on Plato’s political thought, especially his notion of political expertise. In her dissertation, “Politics of the Duly Measured”, she argues that the standard of the duly measure introduced in the Statesman makes it possible to objectively evaluate the merit of political praxis.


Daniel Ucko, Ph.D.

H Ucko Photo American Physical Society, Editorial Office

MSci, Physics, 1997, University College London, UK
Ph.D.  Physics, 2001, University College London, UK
Ph.D. Philosophy, 2020, Stony Brook University

After post-doctoral research in physics at the University of Birmingham, UK, Daniel is now an Associate Editor at  Physical Review Letters , the flagship journal of the American Physical Society. He completed his dissertation "Peer Review: Objectivity, Anonymity, Trust" in 2020. His research is in the area of scholarly publishing and negotiations with objectivity.   



Caleb Ward, Ph.D.

C Ward PhotoPostdoctoral Researcher, University of Hamburg

B.A. with Honors, Political Science, 2007, Swarthmore College
Graduate Certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, 2016, Stony Brook University
Ph.D. Philosophy, 2020, Stony Brook University

Caleb is a postdoctoral researcher in feminist philosophy at Universität Hamburg. His research at Stony Brook was supported by a fellowship from the Max Kade Foundation and a Stony Brook Graduate Council Fellowship, and his dissertation, “Agency, Responsibility, and the Limits of Sexual Consent,” was awarded the Joyce Turner Dissertation Award for outstanding research on race, gender, class, or sexuality. His ongoing research is about Audre Lorde, agency, and the role of moral intuitions in political and epistemic resistance.