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Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship

RCRS, CITI, and IPT Requirements

Faculty and staff involved in research and/or mentoring activities:

  • One-time CITI training—RCR module in Humanities or Social Science
  • 3 hours IPT training in annual workshop (see curriculum below)

Graduate Students engaged in research:

  • One-time CITI Training—RCR interdisciplinary module
  • 3 hours IPT training in initial year

In-Person Training Activities

The Faculty Workshop will be held annually. It will be organized by the Department’s RCR Coordinator and the curriculum will include:

Discussion of responsible conduct of research: values, standards and practices; responsible authorship and publication; the philosopher's role in society; the treatment of data; conflict of interests; relevant ethical issues including plagiarism, peer review, and intellectual property (one hour).

Department faculty presentations on their current research and ethical issues associated with it (one hour).

Discussion of the role of faculty as student mentors, good supervisory and teaching practices, appropriate professional relationships, and resolution of mentoring dilemmas

Graduate student IPT will cover the same topics as the Faculty Workshop in 3 hours of instruction during their department orientation, which is required of all incoming graduate students.

Undergraduate students involved in faculty supervised research (or as RA research assistants) will also take a CITI Training module in X, along with mentoring by faculty advisor/mentor.


The Philosophy Department Chair will appoint a faculty member to serve as RCR coordinator to serve for a given academic year. That individual with organize the Faculty workshop. He/she is responsible for taking attendance and recording this information in the Department’s RCR database. 

The instructors of the Teaching Practicum (PHI 623) will be responsible for insuring that graduate students receive the required RCR training, and their passing grade in that course will certify that they have met the requirement.

The Department Chair will notify faculty and students of CITI and IPT training by Stony Brook University’s email system at the start of their employment or acceptance in the program.

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