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In the Stony Brook Philosophy Department, philosophy is more an activity than an artifact, more a collective vocation than a solitary pursuit.



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D Ihde

It's is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of our retired colleague Distinguished Professor Don Ihde. One of the first members of the Stony Brook University Philosophy Department, Don became Chair and then Dean, aggressively fostering the Department’s growth until it reached a size of 26 faculty members. Don was a great teacher, thinker, mentor, friend, and leader. He was the founder of Postphenomenology, a movement of continuing influence that turns phenomenology’s attention to technoscience, which he was as the principal force shaping the contemporary world. Don wrote over two dozen books, continued publishing and attending conferences into his 80s, and supported a Department lecture series on technoscience. We will not see his like again.


Materials science: the rule of three that guides its development, Physics World, features a conversation between  Daniel Ucko, Ph.D. '20, philosophy, and Professor Robert  Crease.