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Proposal Submission Deadline Policy

Issued: February 5, 2019

Effective: March 4, 2019

All proposals submitted through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) must be completed and provided to OSP following a "5/2 day" proposal submission policy:

i. The complete Administrative Proposal* is required in its final version with placeholders for the final Technical Proposal** by 9 AM five (5) business days before the day of the sponsor deadline; and

ii. The proposal in its final form for submission to the sponsor, accompanied by the required unit/school/college approvals must be received by OSP by 9 AM two (2) business days before the day of the sponsor deadline.

*The Administrative Proposal generally includes the application cover page, budget, budget justification, institutional resources section, bio-sketches of all key personnel, current and pending support, subrecipient documentation, and any other business or administrative materials required by the sponsor. The administrative portion of the proposal encompasses all content excluding the technical portion. Specific requirements may vary with each sponsor.

**The Technical Proposal generally includes the goals and aims of the research and other technical information in narrative form. Specific requirements may vary with each sponsor.

Unless the deadline is specifically defined as earlier than 5PM by the sponsor, the submission deadline is 5PM Eastern Time (ET) on the sponsor’s specified deadline date (even if the sponsor allows submissions beyond 5PM ET). 

This policy applies to ALL activity that is submitted to OSP for review and submission to sponsors (proposals, progress reports, letters of intent, subawards, Just-in-Time  documentation, Sponsor requests for pre-award  negotiation documentation,  etc.)

OSP Proposal Timeline Chart
*Failure to upload and provide the Required documentation will classify the proposal as "late"; the PI assumes the risk that their proposal may not be submitted or that there would be insufficient time for adequate proposal review, that errors may need to be corrected in the electronic submission systems, and that the sponsor deadline may be missed. 

Additional information regarding OSP commitment, late proposals submission, at-risk proposal submissions and more can be found under  Frequently Asked Questions

OSP Commitment 

The Office of Sponsored Programs supports the University community in proposal development through value-added, high-quality service and professional partnerships with Principal Investigators in order to facilitate world-changing research. 

Our Grants and Contracts Specialists work collaboratively with PIs and often partner with the Proposal Development team to prepare grant applications, serving as a dedicated central resource in all matters related to University and sponsor policies for proposal development and submission. 

PIs that initiate their myResearch proposal, budget and budget justification 14 days in advance can take advantage of OSP support in the preparation of the proposals. By following the "5/2 days" proposal submission policy, Grants and Contracts Specialists will be able to commit additional services in the support of PIs proposals: 

  • Review sponsor guidelines, identify key requirements
  • Assist with budget questions, related documentation and proposal submission forms
  • Prepare required sponsor administrative forms 
  • Ensure that all SBU information included within the proposal is accurate and complete
  • Contact and collaborate with partner institutions to secure all necessary subrecipient documentation (14 days notice)
  • Assure all regulatory requirements and export control issues are identified
  • Review the final proposal package to ensure all administrative requirements have been met
  • Provide institutional approval for the proposal
  • Complete the review of the final submission package, upload administrative final documents and forms, and submit to the sponsor

To see a copy of the full policy click   here