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New Student Placement Exams

Upon entering Stony Brook University, new students will be required to take different placement exams to ensure they are placed in the proper course in Stony Brook University's curriculum sequence for different disciplines. Students may have to take up to 4 different placement exams which are described below.

Math Placement Exam

Most students will need to take the math placement exam and should do so  before their orientation day in order to be able to register for math and science courses at orientation.

Foreign Language Placement Exam

Most students will need to take the Foreign Language Placement exam, and it is strongly encouraged that you do so while you are on campus to take your math placement exam. It is recommended that you take it at least one week before your orientation day in order to ensure your score will be available for you to register for necessary foreign language courses while at orientation. For more information on who needs to take the exam and how to sign up for a time, visit the  Foreign Language Placement page

Chemistry Placement & Preparation Process

All incoming students who want to register to take general chemistry (CHE 129, 131, or 152) during their first semester at Stony Brook must participate in the Online Chemistry Placement & Preparation (OCPP) process. Students interested in fields related to science, engineering, and pre-health typically will need to take general chemistry. The initial assessment and appropriate objective(s) of the OCPP should be completed at least five (5) business days prior to attending orientation. Please give yourself enough time to ensure completion prior to your orientation date.

Writing Placement Exam

Students who have not been directly placed into WRT 102 through SAT scores, ACT scores, AP exams, or transfer credit will need to complete the Online Writing Placement Diagnostic. Visit the   Writing Placement Exam  page for information about determining whether or not you need to complete the exam as well as deadline information.

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