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The Office of Equity and Access (OEA) serves the entire campus community, including Stony Brook University, Stony Brook Medicine, and the Long Island State Veteran’s Home and Stony Brook Southampton. The populations we serve include Stony Brook’s world-renowned faculty and medical staff, our undergraduate and graduate students, our professional, administrative, and support staff, contract employees working at Stony Brook, and patients, visitors, and guests.

We aim to provide a positive and respectful experience for everyone who contacts our office, especially anyone requiring assistance filing a complaint. We are available at the following:

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Where is our office?

West Campus (Main Office)

Office of Equity and Access
Administration Building Room 201, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-0251

East Campus (Appointment Only)

University Hospital 5th floor - Room 5-556
Please call 631-632-6280 to schedule an appointment

Our Staff

Marjolie Leonard
Assistant Vice President, Title IX & ADA Coordinator
Fields of Specialization
University, Stony Brook Medicine, and LISVH Title IX Coordinator. University, Stony Brook Medicine, and LISVH ADA Coordinator. Employment Equity Questions, Equity/Diversity Complaints, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Gender Bias Complaints, Diversity Training, Title IX Training, ADA Training, Accessibility Questions, Search and Selection Concerns and Questions, AAP Questions, Diversity Research, Peoplesoft, and Special Projects

Antonio Ferrantino
Director of AA/EEO, ADA, and Training | Deputy  Title IX Coordinator
Fields of Specialization
Employment Equity Questions, Equity/Diversity Complaints, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Gender Bias Complaints, Diversity Training, Title IX Training, ADA Training, Accessibility Questions, Search and Selection Concerns and Questions, AAP Questions, Diversity Research, Peoplesoft, and Special Projects

Chanel Jones
Executive Assistant to the AVP of OEA

Lin Wu Tiedemann
Project Manager
Fields of Specialization
EEO Affirmative Action programs (E.O. 11246, VEVRAA, Section 503) VETS 4212, Faculty  Search and Selection  Review, Recruitment/Exception to Search  Concerns and Questions,  demographics Data Management</Interfolio Faculty Search

Karin Martinsen
Compliance Trainer & Special Projects
Fields of Specialization
Training & Training Design, Title IX, ADA, 129(b), Title VII, EEOC, Clery, VAWA Compliance and Training, Diversity and Cultural Competency Training, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention Training, Online Program Management & Design, Graphics Design, Video Development, Sound Editing, Web Maintenance, and Data Management.

Glenn Dausch
Web Accessibility Officer/EIT Coordinator
Fields of Specialization
Web Accessibility, EIT Accessibility, Digital Accessibility Training, general inquiries surrounding Digital accessibility throughout SBU, and Digital Accessibility Questions/Complaints.

Natalie Mertens
ADA Specialist
Fields of Specialization
ADA Accommodation, Accessibility Accommodation Request, ADA Training, and general inquiries based on accessibility within the workplace

Frank Maloney
EEO Investigator
Fields of Specialization
Race, Color, Religion, Sex/Gender Bias, National Origin Discrimination/Harassment Questions and Complaints, ADA Questions and Complaints.

Mary Randazzo
Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Investigator | Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Fields of Specialization
Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Gender Bias Complaints, and Title IX Training.


Survivor Advocate   

Samantha August
Survivor Advocate & Prevention Specialist
Phone: 631-457-9981

Samantha Winter is the Survivor Advocate & Prevention Specialist, which allows her to provide support and resource options to students who experience sexual or interpersonal violence. Samantha graduated with her B.A. and M.A. in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Samantha trained as an NYS Rape Crisis Counselor through VIBS, a local rape crisis center, and volunteered with them for four and a half years. Samantha has also worked as an educator for The Safe Center, providing training to community members, students, and professional staff on sexual assault and domestic violence.
Within her role as Survivor Advocate & Prevention Specialist, Samantha can assist survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence in learning their options and resources both on and off-campus. Samantha can support each survivor with the path they feel will be most helpful, and individuals will never be forced to make a report. Samantha can help survivors understand Stony Brook’s investigation and review panel process, UPD investigation, and 24 hours a day of crisis support/ emergency response following an immediate incident.


Navigators may serve as a resource for students involved in cases of sexual misconduct as Complainants and or Respondents.  The Complainant(s) and Respondent(s) will be made aware of the availability of Navigator's services and may each be assigned a Navigator upon request. The Navigator is a resource provided to students.   The extent of the Navigator’s assistance in the process, if any, is determined by each student complainant or respondent.

The Navigator(s) role is to assist the parties throughout the process, as requested by the complainant or respondent.  The Navigator can advise regarding the complaint procedures, the investigation process, the Review Panel, and the appeals process.  Upon the request of the student complainant or respondent, Navigator(s) may be present at any meeting(s) or hearing with their assigned party.  The Navigator's role at any meeting is to provide advice and support, not to answer questions or present information.

Should the matter result in a student conduct Review Panel, all complainant(s) and respondent(s) are entitled to have an advisor of their choice be present at the Review Panel.  Navigators can fulfill this role.  You may also ask a family member, friend, or licensed professional to serve in this capacity if you choose. However, only one advisor may attend the hearing with each party.  Advisors at the hearing are there to advise and support the complainant or respondent and are not permitted to engage in any verbal presentation or questioning.

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Deputy Title IX Coordinators are university-wide contact points for those seeking information or reporting sexual harassment, misconduct, or violence. Their role is to inform complainants of their rights and options. The deputies communicate all Title IX-related information to the Title IX Coordinator. The deputies do not investigate, adjudicate, or sanction (unless that function is within their normal job duties, responsibilities). Deputy Coordinators are chosen by Stony Brook University's Assistant Vice President, Title IX, and ADA Coordinator, Marjolie Leonard.


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Stony Brook West Campus

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Campus Recreation Marie Turchiano
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Office of the Dean of Students Parisa Saghati
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Office of Equity and Access Karin Martinsen
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University Hospital

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Stony Brook Southampton

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