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EMERGENCY: (631) 632-3333
or 333 from a campus phone

NON-EMERGENCY: (631) 632-6350

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COVID-19 Service Update


Our mission is to foster a safe environment for our campus community through proactive, progressive, and professional law enforcement services. We greatly value honesty, respectful interaction, professionalism, collaboration, and approachability.

Stony Brook Red Book

The Stony Brook Red Book website includes signs to look for and how to respond to student situations including emotional distress, disruptive behavior, medical emergency, or other concern that requires support or intervention.


We enjoy spending time with the students, staff and faculty in the campus community.

Take a look at the various events we partake in each year.

Coffee With a Cop

The mission of Coffee With a Cop is to break down the barriers between police officers and the citizens they serve by removing agendas and allowing opportunities to ask questions, voice concerns, and get to know the officers on campus.



UPD Field Day

UPD Field Day is a fun-filled campus community event held each year at the Staller Center steps.



USG Game Day

UPD/USG Game Day is an annual event held at the Rec Center. Members of UPD and USG participate in various sporting events, share lots of laughs and a great time.