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How to Apply

Application & Deadlines

Application Deadline: January 1st

Late applications may be accepted upon inquiry through January 15th. Submit by January 1st to be considered for select time-sensitive awards/fellowships for new applicants.

Apply online!

Application requirements:

1. Online application

2. Personal statement (Resume/CV upload is optional)

3. Three letters of recommendation

4. Official transcripts from all institutions attended (unofficial transcripts may be uploaded to your online application for early review. However, official transcripts must be sent to our institution in order for your matriculation into the program to be completed)

5. TOEFL Test Scores should be sent to Institution Code: 2548

Additional materials can be mailed to:

Graduate Program in Neuroscience
PhD Program
Life Sciences 573
SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5230

NOTE: the GRE test is not a requirement to apply to our PhD or MS programs.

Tuition & Fees

All doctoral candidates in good standing receive a full tuition scholarship, a broad based fees scholarship, and annual stipend. Stipends for the academic year 2023-2024 is $34,000. The stipend compensates for living costs, such as, university fees, medical insurance, books, room and board. Sources of funding are teaching and research assistantships, or individual faculty research grants. A modest allowance is available for research related travel. Students are encouraged to apply for extramural funding to support their research.

Living and Housing Costs

On-campus housing costs can be viewed on the Campus Residences site.
Off-campus housing is also available in surrounding communities. Prices vary widely. An automobile is advisable for those students living off-campus.

Health Insurance

Students wanting health insurance must enroll. To learn about costs and benefits:

Click here to learn about State Graduate Student Employee benefits.
Click here to learn about Research Foundation of SUNY benefits.

The Graduate Student Employee Health Insurance office is located in the Student Health Center (Infirmary).


From the stipend, students are expected to cover personal expenses such as room and board, health insurance, and University fees. University fees are calculated based on the amount of credits a student enrolls in each semester. Full-time status is 9 credits for graduate students until 24 graduate level credits are accumulated, then subsequently 9 credits is considered full-time status. View Fall 2023 Rates here. Unpaid fees will result in a registration block and late charges.

Typical costs per semester are composed of:

  • College fee
  • Infirmary fee
  • Technology fee
  • Transportation fee
  • Activity fee
  • Insurance costs vary depending upon type of support. Visit the Health Insurance link above for current information. Information about Health Insurance

We have a program for fee reimbursement through the Center for Inclusive Education for a variety of situations. Waiver Application Process.

International Students: All students on nonimmigrant visas are required to take health insurance. In addition to the charges listed above, there is an annual charge of approximately $30.00 for medical evacuation and repatriation, and an approximately $100.00 staffing international programs fee.

International Applicants

For specific information, visit Stony Brook's Graduate School website for international students. The following information is meant to generally answer questions that are frequently asked by international students.

Language Requirements for Admission

All applicants who are non-native English speakers must have a TOEFL score of at least 90 (iBT) for admission.

The award of a Teaching Assistantship will be contingent on the candidate's ability to speak English proficiently. All non-native English speaking graduate students who have instructional responsibilities must have a TSE/SPEAK score of 55.

The SPEAK test is taken here at Stony Brook upon your arrival. Students who take the SPEAK test and score at least 55 will be cleared to teach. Those with a score of 50-54 will be required to take and pass ESL 598 in their first semester at Stony Brook. Students who score 40-49 on the SPEAK test must take and pass ESL 591 in their first semester at Stony Brook and ESL 598 in the spring semester.