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Current News & Announcements

Applications for our inaugural  BRITE (Bolstering Research through Inclusion, Talent and Excellence) Postdoctoral Seminar Series  are now open! The goal of this seminar series is to enhance inclusion in neuroscience research. 3 postdoctoral scholars will be invited to give seminars in November 2021; applications due Sept. 20, 2021.  Apply now!  (8/3/2021)

The semester is coming to a close, and with that we recap everything that has happened in the department in our  Spring 2021 Newsletter!

Applications are now open for the  2021 Hartman Awards . (4/12/2021)

Congratulations to Dr. Maya Shelly (PI) on receiving both a Stony Brook University OVPR Seed Grant award and SUNY Seed Grant award. (4/4/2021)

The   19th Annual Symposium in Neuroscience  will take place April 20, 2021, 9am-1pm, with keynote speaker Dr. Michael Hasselmo, Boston University. (3/31/2021)

The  Center for Affective Neuroscience of Depression and Anxiety (CANDA) at Stony Brook University invites you to a  Special Virtual Mini-Symposium: Neural Mechanisms and Treatments of Affective Disorders – Lessons From Mice to Humans . Monday April 12, 2021 from Noon to 3PM on Zoom. (3/31/2021)

Congratulations to PhD Student   Priscilla Yevoo  ( Maffei Lab) as one of   22 inaugural recipients of the new SUNY Graduate Research Empowering and Accelerating Talent Awards. (3/17/2021)

March 15-21  marks global   Brain Awareness Week  so check out our   schedule of events  and follow us on Twitter   @SBUNeurobiology to see how we're showing up to educate and celebrate brain science in our community. (3/14/2021)

Professor   Arianna Maffei  is featured along with other inspiring women in today's SBU News article, "Stony Brook Women Faculty: Inspiring the Next Generation" at  ; View full article at (3/5/2021)

Congratulations to   Liang Chen, Postdoc in the   Xiong Lab, who has been offered an Assistant Professor position in the School of Basic Medical Sciences at Fudan University in Shanghai, China (2/26/2021)

Congratulations to   Postdoc Olivia Swanson  ( Maffei lab) who got 2nd place in the SBU Postdoc Spotlight event with her 5-minute talk "The Science of Feeling Full." More info on the event at (2/25/2021)

Welcome to our new Assistant Professor   Prerana Shrestha! (1/4/2021)

Congratulations to alumnus   Ke Chen, PhD student   Josh Kogan, and Professor   Alfredo Fontanini  ( Fontanini lab)  on their publication in Current Biology " Spatially Distributed Representation of Taste Quality in the Gustatory Insular Cortex of Behaving Mice ." And read the   SBU News summary of the research. (11/12/2020)

Congratulations to Postdoc   Mel Haley, undergraduate student   Stephen Bruno, Professor   Alfredo Fontanini, and Professor and senior author  Arianna Maffei  ( Maffei lab) on their publication in eLife, " LTD at amygdalocortical synapses as a novel mechanism for hedonic learning," as highlighted in   SBU News. (11/10/2020)

Congratulations to Postdoc   Eric Prager, PhD student   Zachary Hobel, PhD student   Jeffrey Malgady, and PI   Joshua Plotkin   ( Plotkin lab) on their publication in Neuron, " Dopamine Oppositely Modulates State Transitions in Striosome and Matrix Direct Pathway Striatal Spiny Neurons. " (10/19/2020)

Postdoc   Christina Joselevitch ( Wollmuth Lab) highlighted in article in local Times Beacon Record article, " SBU's Christina Joselevitch contributes 'invaluable' work to neuroscience studies" (10/11/2020)

October 8, 2020 is Stony Brook Giving Day, a 24-hr crowdfunding initiative. Consider giving to our Fund for Excellence at

Congratulations to Postdoc  Christina Joselevitch  ( Wollmuth Lab) on her publication in The Journal of Neuroscience, " Direct Observation of Vesicle Transport on the Synaptic Ribbon Provides Evidence That Vesicles Are Mobilized and Prepared Rapidly for Release ." (9/23/2020)

Congratulations to Graduate Student   Meagan Conner  & Undergraduate Student   Doyeon Jang  ( Kritzer Lab) on their publication " Biological Sex and Sex Hormone Impacts on Deficits in Episodic-Like Memory in a Rat Model of Early, Pre-motor Stages of Parkinson's Disease ," in Frontiers in Neurology. (9/17/2020)

Welcome to our new Assistant Professor   Markus Reissland ! (9/1/2020)

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