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Facilitating Awareness: Career Exploration for Scientists (FACES)

The FACES program aims to expose graduate students to multiple career trajectories. The FACES Committee, composed of MCP graduate students, organizes an annual Career Development and Networking Event. This event has several components, including small presentations, a group round-table discussion, a small group breakout session, and a networking dinner. The group discussion covers multiple topics, including descriptions of a typical workday, different career paths or advice for developing resumes. The small group breakout session allows students to approach participants to ask questions and gain advice tailored to the students' specific interests. The networking dinner provides time for one-on-one interactions between students and participants. Participants represent several different areas of the biomedical community, such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, scientific writing, regulatory work, science policy, and academia, amongst many others.


Current FACES committee:

 Michael Caponegro

 Noele Certain

Lara Franceschinis

Danielle Cervasio

Erika Deppenschmidt

image caption2019 FACES
image caption2019 FACES Committee