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Senator Jacob K. Javits Collection                              

Collection Number
SC 285

The Senator Jacob K. Javits Collection includes: 2,460 document boxes; 3,006 photographs, slides and cartoons; 601 reels of audio and video tape recordings; 969 items of memorabilia, and 233 reels of microfilm. The total estimated number of items is 1,810,000, which occupy 1,220 linear feet.

The collection is organized in five groups:

Papers (Series 1 to 13)
Audio and Video (Series 14)
Photographs and Slides (Series 15)
Cartoons (Series 16)
Memorabilia (Series 17)

Finding Aid & Searching
To take full advantage of the collection, we advise researchers to review each series and the inventory which includes box, folder, and item level descriptions. 

The search bar on the top right of the website searches content in the collection. Enter Javits and [search term] to limit results to this collection. We are here to help and can compile a list of materials for you that might be relevant to your research. 

Folder titles were assigned by Senator Javits' staff or by archivists. Many personal names and dates have been inverted to facilitate searching.

Acronyms, abbreviations, names of states, and days of the months have generally been spelled out in full to achieve consistency and to enhance searching. Unknown acronyms are spelled without any periods. Unknown acronyms, and acronyms that have been spelled out, are listed in an appendix. Names of chemical compounds (i.e., DES, DNA) and call letters of radio and television stations and networks have not been spelled out. For example: TV has been spelled out only when used to refer to television in general; when TV is a part of a broadcast station's call letters or of a network, it has not been spelled out.

Compound words, in general, are spelled out as two nouns. Compound words beginning with anti, co, multi, non, pre have generally been hyphenated.

Dates. Years are given with four digits. When dates are unknown, the word undated has been inserted.