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Senator Jacob K. Javits Collection

Collection 285


Click on each series or sub-series to view a comprehensive inventory of folders and/or items located within each category.

Series 1 - Press Files
Sub-series 1: Press Releases
Sub-series 2: Press Secretary Files

Series 2 - Bills

Series 3 - Subjects 

Series 4 - Committees
Sub-series 1-Foreign Policy-Economic
Sub-series 2-Foreign Policy-Political
Sub-series 3-Human Resources
Sub-series 4-Governmental Affairs
Sub-series 5-Small Business
Sub-series 6-Joint Economic Committee
Sub-series 7-Miscellaneous Committees

Series 5 - Campaigns
Sub-series 1-Javits Campaigns
Sub-series 2-Campaigns of Other Politicians

Series 6 - Constituent Correspondence
Sub-series 1-Library of Congress (LC) Category System
Sub-series 2-Legislative Responses
Sub-series 3-Issues
Sub-series 4-Microfilm

Series 7 - Departments 

Series 8 - Pre-Senate
Sub-series 1-Pre-House
Sub-series 2-House of Representatives
Sub-series 3-Attorney General

Series 9 - J Files
Sub-series 1-General
Sub-series 2-Trips
Sub-series 3-Appointments
Sub-series 4-Books
Sub-series 5-Patronage
Sub-series 6-Allen Lesser Files

Series 10 - New York Offices
Sub-series 1-New York City
Sub-series 2-New York State
Sub-series 3-General

Series 11 - Civil Rights

Series 12 - Clippings

Series 13 - Post-Senate
Sub-series 1-Correspondence
Sub-series 2-Subject Files
Sub-series 3-Articles-Drafts and Research Notes

Series 14 - Audio and Video
Sub-series 1-Audio
Sub-series 2-Video

Series 15 - Photographs and Slides
Sub-series 1-Photographs
Sub-series 2-Copy Negatives
Sub-series 3-Slides

Series 16 - Cartoons

Series 17 - Memorabilia