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  • Dr. Keith Sheppard
    ks  631-632-2989  


    Director, Institute for STEM Education

    Associate Professor, Biochemistry & Cell Biology

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Director Emeritus

  • Dr. R. David Bynum
    bynum 631-632-9750   Director Emeritus, Institute for STEM Education

    Distinguished Service Professor, Biochemistry & Cell Biology

    John S. Toll Professor
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  • Caren Gough
    caren 631-632-7075   Lecturer, Science Education Program

    Coordinator, NYS Master Teacher Program
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  • David Kahn
    david 631-632-9020   Assistant Professor of Mathematics

    Director, Mathematics Summer Program

    Director, Della Pietra High School Applied Math Program
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  • Dr. Angela Kelly
    angela 631-632-1683   Associate Director, Science Education

    Associate Professor, Physics
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  • Dr. Daniel Moloney
    daniel 631-632-1653   Research Associate Professor

    Program Director, NIH - Bridges to the Baccalaureate " BioPREP "
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  • Dr. Ross Nehm
    ross 631-632-7247   Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolution

    Ph.D. Science Education Biology Faculty Advisor
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  • Linda Padwa
    linda 631-632-7075   Associate Director, Science Education

    Coordinator, NYS Master Teacher Program
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  • Dr. Gregory Rushton
    rushton 631-632-9312   Associate Professor, Chemistry

    Ph.D. Science Education Chemistry Faculty Advisor
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  • Kristen Vadasz
    kristen 631-632-9035   Lecturer

    Assistant Director, Biotechnology Teaching Laboratory

    Program Director, Holiday Science Camp
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  • Dr. Zuzana Zachar
    zuz 631-632-8970   Research Assistant Professor

    Director, Master in Teaching Science Program
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 Affiliated Faculty

  • Dr. Katherine Aubrecht
    kate 631-632-7901   Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    Director, Sustainable Chemistry Teaching Laboratory 
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  • Dr. Lisa Berger
    lisa 631-632-7278   Associate Professor, Mathematics

    Mathematics Education Program Director
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  • Dr. Monica Bugallo
    monica 631-632-8395   Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
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  • Dr. David Ferguson
    davidf 631-632-8763   Distinguished Service Professor

    Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion
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  • Dr. Gilbert Hanson
    gil 631-632-7210   Distinguished Service Professor of Geosciences

    Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor, Earth Science Education
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  • Dr. Robert McCarthy
    McCarthy 631-632-8758   Professor

    Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor, Physics Science Education
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  • Dr. David Hanson
    dhanson 631-632-7917   Research Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus
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  • Dr. Susan Oatis
    susan 631-632-1571   Lecturer in Department of Chemistry

    Director, Chemistry Teacher Preparation
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  • Dr. Lori Scarlatos
    dlkjf 631-632-8751   Associate Professor

    Department of Technology & Society
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  • Dr. Jennie Williams
    jennie 631-444-9539   Associate Professor

    Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine

    Department of Medicine
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