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R. David Bynum

Address: 092 Life Sciences Building Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY 11794-5233

Phone Number: 631-632-9750

Director Emeritus, Institute for STEM Education
Distinguished Service Professor, Biochemistry & Cell Biology 
John S. Toll Professorhip recipient

Ph.D. Cell Biology, Dartmouth College
B.A. Mathematics, Westminster College

Dr. Bynum's CV can be found here.


Beginning in 1993 with a NIH grant aimed at providing research opportunities to undergraduates, Dr. Bynum began pursuing additional funding and the support of University leadership to create additional courses, research opportunities and outreach programs. Over the the following years Dr. Bynum's efforts drove the acquisition and renovation of 10,000 square feet of space for laboratories, offices and scientific equipment. Several faculty and staff members were hired to design and lead new and innovative initiatives.

A substantial grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 1994 allowed for continued expansion and the development of a variety of outreach and educational programs now aimed at many educational levels. Soon thereafter, additional funding from the NSF supported the establishment of LIGASE (Long Island Group Advancing Science Education) as the umbrella organization for these activities and promoted further expansion of the educational mission of the group.  In 2004 , further success led University leadership to place the Science Teacher Education programs in LIGASE, under the direction of Dr. Bynum and his expanding team. In 2007 the educational programs of the Mathematics Department were also included and CESAME (Center for Science and Mathematics Education) was formed with Dr. Bynum as founding Director. in  2010  the doctoral program in Science Education was established and its graduates will soon emerge to mold the next generation of science educators.

CESAME is now a comprehensive Educational Center, providing opportunities from K-12 to the postdoctoral level in all STEM disciplines, and is currently leading the way in science and mathematics education. Four tenured/tenure-track faculty members, five lecturers, three administrators and several associated faculty comprise the CESAME team. Over 70,000 students have been directly impacted and this has been largely made possible by the continued support of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for twenty years. In 2013 , Dr. Bynum stepped aside and, in a planned succession, Professor  Keith Sheppard assumed responsibilities as Director.



2003                The Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring

2001                American Society for Cell Biology, Bruce Alberts Award for Outstanding Contributions to Science Education


2015                John S. Toll Faculty Fellowship

2013                Brentwood School District Achievement Award

2005                Westminster College Distinguished Alumni Award

2004                Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service

1999                President’s Award for Excellence in Diversity & Affirmative Action

1998                Brentwood High School Achievement Award

1993 – 1998      Four Awards of Appreciation from Minorities in Medicine Society

1992                Vice Provost’s Award for Exceptional Service

1988                President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

1988                Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

1977 – 1981      Cramer Fellowship, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

1979                NIH Traineeship Marine Biological Laboratories, Woods Hole, MA

1958 – 1959      Westminster Honor Scholarship, Westminster College, Fulton, MO

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