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Non-Matriculated Students

If you are looking to take courses without working towards a degree or certificate, and you have already earned a bachelor's degree (at minimum), then you would want to apply as a graduate non-matriculated student , which will allow you to enroll in graduate or undergraduate courses that are open to non-matriculated students. Prior to filling out the application , students should contact the program/department of the course they wish to register for to ensure they would allow a non-matriculated student to apply. This application process is overseen by the Office of Graduate Admissions. Any questions should be directed to .

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  • A maximum of 12 credits may be transferred to a master’s program and a maximum of 6 credits may be transferred to a certificate program at Stony Brook with the approval of the program and the Graduate School provided that they have not been used toward the satisfaction of any degree or certificate requirements here or at another institution.
  • Non-matriculated status remains active as long as there are not more than three consecutive “full” terms (Fall / Spring ) without enrollment. Three or more consecutive terms without enrollment require the student to reapply for non-matriculated status.
  • If you haven’t enrolled in classes for a semester, please contact to request re-activation.
  • Any credits and grades (undergraduate and/or graduate) earned as a non-matriculated student will be a part of your graduate career, and appear on your graduate transcript.  If and when you are admitted to a graduate degree or certificate (matriculated) program, your GPA will be restarted to include only graduate level courses.  The cumulative GPA you earned at the completion of your undergraduate career will not change.
  • For initial review, unofficial transcripts can be uploaded with your application. If accepted, you will need to submit official transcripts.
  • Non-matriculated students cannot exceed 12 credits per semester/term. 
  • Students expecting to graduate with an undergraduate/bachelor’s degree at the end of this term can apply as a Non-Matriculated Graduate student for next term.
  • Review the tuition and costs here.


  • Ensure that you should be applying through Graduate Admissions .
  • A seat in the course you are interested in is not guaranteed.
  • Students seeking courses offered by the Schools of Nursing, Health Technology and Management, and Social Welfare need to contact the departments for approval for non-matriculated eligibility.
  • After earning six credits as a Stony Brook University non-matriculated student, a minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for students to continue enrollment.  If students do not meet this requirement, they will be dismissed.
  • Enrollment in a department's graduate courses does not entitle a non-matriculated student to candidacy for a department's degree program. You must formally apply and be admitted to a degree and/or certificate program.
  • Non-matriculated students are ineligible for most financial aid programs.
  • International student applicants requesting F1 or J1 visas are normally required to be matriculated in a degree or advanced graduate certificate program. Non-matriculating graduate student (GSP) status does not usually fulfill this requirement. Depending on your citizenship status, you may receive an automated email from AccessVIS requesting additional information.


Winter 2024: December 27, 2023 (Classes begin January 2, 2024)

Spring 2024: January 17, 2024 (Classes begin January 22, 2024)

Summer I: May 15, 2024 (Classes begin May 20, 2024)

Summer II: July 2, 2024 (Classes begin July 8, 2024)

Fall 2024: August 21, 2024 (Classes begin August 26, 2024)

Non-Matric/non-matriculated STUDENT TYPES

All students with a completed undergraduate degree need to review the following requirements depending on their program of interest: