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Prof. Jason Trelewicz presents an invited seminar to the Theory and Computation Group at the Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory.
December 18, 2014

Jason’s talk on “Atomistic Simulations of Stability and Deformation in Columnar Crystalline-Amorphous Nanolaminates” detailed our efforts on constructing simulation cells for the study of nanostructure stability and deformation in alloy nanolaminates containing columnar nanocrystalline phases. 

Congratulations to Mr. Bin Cheng on passing his preliminary examination and advancing to candidacy!
December 11, 2014

Bin’s thesis proposal on “Mechanical Behavior of Hierarchical Alloy Nanostructures: A Computational and Experimental Study” was approved by the thesis committee including Prof. Dilip Gersappe (SBU), Prof. T.A. Venkatesh (SBU), and Prof. Garritt Tucker of Drexel University.

Congratulations to Ms. Olivia Donaldson on passing her preliminary examination and advancing to candidacy!
November 21, 2014

Olivia’s thesis proposal on “Non-equilibrium Synthesis, Thermal Stability, and In Situ Analysis of Nanocrystalline BCC Metal Alloys” was approved by her thesis committee including Prof. Clive Clayton (SBU) and Dr. Khalid Hattar of Sandia National Laboratories.

Prof. Jason Trelewicz selected for the TMS 2015 Young Leader Professional Development Award
November 19, 2014

This award recognizes early-career individuals, under the age of 40, for their potential as future leaders within TMS and the materials and engineering community it serves. Awardees have unique opportunities to become more involved in Society activities and to network with prominent TMS members through an invitation to attend the TMS Board of Directors and Division Council meetings.

Ms. Olivia Donaldson presents a talk at the Rio Grande Symposium on Advanced Materials (RGSAM) in Albuquerque, NM.
October 6, 2014

Olivia’s talk on “Microstructural Evolution during the Heat Treatment of Nanocrystalline and Amorphous Tantalum Films” summarized our work conducted in collaboration with Dr. Khalid Hattar at the Ion Beam Laboratory at Sandia National Laboratories on the thermal stability of amorphous and crystalline tantalum thin films. 

Prof. Jason Trelewicz recognized as an Affiliate Faculty Member of the Institute for Advanced Computational Science
September 01, 2014

Prof. Jason Trelewicz selected to represent TMS at the 2014 Emerging Leaders Alliance Conference
August 20, 2014

TMS is sponsoring Jason to participate in the Emerging Leaders Alliance Capstone program, which is an intensive 3-day interdisciplinary leadership training program that fosters the development of great leaders to guide our professions in addressing the needs of people in the 21st century.

EMNL receives a three-year NSF award for “Collaborative Research: Tailoring the Stability and Deformation of Nanocrystalline Alloys through Hierarchical Engineering” from the Metals and Metallic Nanostructures Program.
August 15, 2014

This research is a collaborative project with Prof. Garritt Tucker at Drexel University focused on uncovering the interplay between nanoscale grain boundary physics and interfaces at larger structural length scales, which are generated by introducing periodic amorphous regions into monolithic nanocrystalline structures.  Additional information can be found in award abstract no. 1410941.

EMNL welcomes first year Ph.D. candidate Mr. Jonathan Gentile.
August 01, 2014

Jonathan comes to Stony Brook University from the University at Albany with a B.S. in NanoEngineering.  His Ph.D. research will focus on engineering structural inhomogeneities into metallic glasses to enable tunable shear delocalization mechanisms.

Jason’s paper with MesoScribe Technologies, “High Temperature Calibration of Direct Write Heat Flux Sensors from 25 to 860 °C Using the In-cavity Radiation Method” is accepted for publication in the IEEE Sensors Journal.
July 5, 2014

This paper describes the calibration of Direct Write heat flux sensors over a temperature range of 25–860 °C.  The sensitivity is found to increase by a factor of two from 25 to 650 °C, after which it plateaus up to the maximum tested temperature of 860 °C. A cubic polynomial calibration function captures the temperature dependence of the sensitivity and provides good agreement for the measured data.

Prof. Jason Trelewicz presents an invited talk to the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of California, Irvine.
June 6, 2014

Jason’s talk on “In Situ Heat Flux Measurements in a Scramjet Combustor using Embedded Direct Write Heat Flux Sensors” described new harsh new harsh environment heat flux sensors that were fabricated using Direct Write technology and tested in a direct-connect, hydrocarbon-fueled scramjet combustor under Mach-5 flight conditions. 

EMNL receives a three-year NSF award for “Collaborative Research: Elucidating the Process of Shear Delocalization in Metallic Glass Matrix Composites” from the Mechanics of Materials Program.
June 1, 2014

This research is a collaborative project with Prof. Eric Homer at Brigham Young University focused on developing a new understanding of the competing rates associated with shear band nucleation and propagation in metallic glass matrix composites, and the implications of these mechanics for strain delocalization and ductility.  Additional information can be found in award abstract no. 1401662.

Prof. Jason Trelewicz named Project Director at Stony Brook University of the NYSTAR-funded High Performance Computing Consortium
June 01, 2014

The New York State High Performance Computation Consortium (HPC 2) is a three-year NYSTAR funded program that brings together computing expertise from Stony Brook University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SUNY Buffalo, the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Marist College. The mission of the consortium is to engage New York State companies on the use of advanced computing and data analytics for improving productivity, developing new products, and fostering innovation.          

Ms. Olivia Donaldson selected as a summer intern at Sandia National Laboratories.
April 01, 2014

Olivia will spend four months over the summer of 2014 with Dr. Khalid Hattar in the Ion Beam Laboratory studying microstructural evolution in nanocrystalline and amorphous tantalum films using in situ high resolution transmission electron microscopy.