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Qing Shen Advances to Top 5 in CIGRE NGN Paper Competition

Qing Shen, an Electrical Engineering PhD student, has been selected as one of the top five finalists in the CIGRE US National Committee Next Generation Network (NGN) Paper Competition. Her paper, titled “Powering the Future: Harnessing Neural Dynamic Equivalence for Enhanced Power System Applications”, was previously chosen as one of the top 10 synopses in the US by CIGRE.

Qing's research, supervised by Professor Peng Zhang and closely assisted by Yifan Zhou, focuses on discovering reliable dynamic equivalent models of unidentified subsystems or external systems. This is crucial for the resilient operations of large-scale interconnected power systems. Their innovative approach, a Neural Dynamic Equivalence (NeuDyE), combines an ODE-Net-based dynamic equivalence model with physics-aware NeuDyE learning. This method guarantees the closed-loop dynamic behavior of the system even in the presence of disturbances. Extensive case studies conducted on the 140-bus NPCC system demonstrate the effectiveness of NeuDyE, particularly its capability to handle various contingencies.

Qing will present her paper at the CIGRE Grid of the Future Symposium on October 9-12 in Kansas City, Missouri, and compete for the first place award. For more information about the competition, you can refer to this link.

Congratulations to Qing, Yifan Zhou, and Peng Zhang.