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ECE Departmental Seminar

Opto-electronic Sensors

Dr. Michael Gouzman
Stony Brook University

GouzmanFriday, 3/29/19, 11:00am
Light Engineering 250

Abstract: Result of work in the area of opto-electronic sensors and systems of such sensors will be presented. Several samples of the design for different by nature sensors but using the same data processing techniques will be presented. Areas of usage statistical (counting) and direct conversion (ADC) techniques as well as FPJA, MC and its combination as tools of sensor data processing will be discussed. Parallel with sensor design, the growth of the laboratory and the team of researchers will be presented. 

Bio: Dr. Michael Gouzman is University Instructional specialist and Adjunct Professor in ECE Department of SBU. He is also a Head of the Opto-electronic Sensors and systems Lab in Sensor CAT. Michael graduated with Honor as Electrical Engineer at 1978 from Moscow Telecommunication University (Russia) and received Ph.D. at 1990 from Polytechnic University of Twer (Russia). He is a designer of opto-electronic and copper-less (fiber optic) sensors and sensor-based networks. There are sensors for industrial and special applications (includes submersible, radiation, light, acoustical etc. sensors). He leads the group of researchers and designers (4 Ph.D., 8 Grad. students and 12 undergraduates) during last 10 years as a part of Sensor CAT program. He has more than 40 published articles in professional national and international journals, 20 US and international patents. Exclusive rights for several patents were sold by SBU to private companies. He is the P.I. and Co-P.I. in numbers of industrial, state, and federal research grants. There are more than $2,000,000 granted in last 5 years. He is the founder of “Ultimate Sensors, Inc.,” NY, and co-Founder of several other companies.