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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of SUNY at Stony Brook
and Army Research Laboratory

SUNY at Stony Brook
March 5, 2019, 10:00am
Room 250, Light Engineering

Antimonide materials for quantum devices and long-wave optoelectronics

Gregory Belenky,SUNY at Stony Brook

Stefan Svensson,Army Research Laboratory
“Characterization and management of localized and distributed charge populations in InAsSb and related heterostructures”

Sergey Suchalkin,SUNY at Stony Brook
“Narrow band quantum materials based on metamorphic InAsSb/InSb heterostructures”

Sanjay Krishna,Ohio State University
“Narrow gap antimonide materials: Understanding bulk, surfaces and topology”

Enrico Bellotti,Boston University
"Electronic structure and transport properties of InAsSb alloys and Superlattices"

Dmitri Donetski,SUNY at Stony Brook
“Metamorphic InAsSb – based heterostructures for temporal and spatial IR light modulation”